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7 Ways to Protect Organisations from Ransomware Attacks

Over the past few years, the methods cybercriminals use to distribute ransomware has changed dramatically. While a few years ago, they would spread encrypted files on a large scale, today, their ransomware attacks have become more focused.

Now, fraudsters examine the target in detail and research each target, looking for additional leverage. In order to protect business data from ransomware attacks, experts at Kaspersky recommend these seven tips:

  1. Installing only applications obtained from reliable sources from official websites
  2. Always have fresh backup copies of your files, so you can replace them in case they are lost (e.g. due to malware or a broken device). Remember to store them, not only on the physical object but also in the cloud for greater reliability. Make sure you can quickly access them in an emergency
  3. Paying more attention to digital literacy inside the company. For example, by introducing cybersecurity awareness training for your employees
  4. Installing all security updates as soon as they are available. Always update your operating system and software to eliminate recent vulnerabilities
  5. Carrying out a cybersecurity audit of your networks and remediating any weaknesses discovered in the perimeter or inside the network
  6. Enabling ransomware protection for all endpoint
  7. Remembering that ransomware is a criminal offence. If you become a victim, never pay the ransom. It won’t guarantee that you will get your data back, but it will encourage criminals to continue their business. Instead, report the incident to your local law enforcement agency.

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