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Advanced Bot Protection integrated into Imperva’s Cloud Application Security

Today, Imperva announced the general availability of Advanced Bot Protection that now fully integrates the industry-leading bot protection technology into its Cloud Application Security platform. By integrating Advanced Bot Protection this enables true defense-in-depth security by delivering bot protection in a single stack model, while making deployment easier, faster, and more flexible than ever.

Unfortunately, the bot problem is getting worse with over 24% of web traffic from bad bots. This data and more is included in Imperva’s latest Threat Research titled Bad Bot Report 2020: Bad Bots Strike Back.

How do Bad Bots Hurts Businesses?

Bad bots are purpose-built to attack organizations’ websites and mobile apps through web scraping, account takeover, transaction fraud, denial of service, competitive data mining, unauthorized vulnerability scans, spam, click fraud, and web and mobile API abuse.

A unique security concern, the bot problem is focused on abuse of business functionality rather than finding and exploiting vulnerabilities. As the market has matured, malicious bots—and bots as a whole—are more widely understood with more companies actively seeking a solution.

What does Advanced Bot Protection Do?

Advanced Bot Protection defends mission-critical websites, mobile apps, and APIs from automated threats without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic. What this means is that the technology filters out bad bot traffic but does not impact real human users.

What are the New Capabilities of Advanced Bot Protection?

The main enhancement is in the improvement at detecting bad bots. The efficacy changes are dramatic at detecting the most sophisticated automation. Additional capabilities in the new product include:

  • Next-generation code obfuscation:New feature coined Morpheme uses dynamic deception techniques that make it harder for sophisticated bot operators to reverse engineer so it can access a website or mobile app undetected
  • Ease of deployment:The ‘easy’ button to deploy Advanced Bot Protection allows for a low-touch and simple deployment within Imperva’s single stack
  • Speed:Deploy in a matter of minutes versus weeks
  • Flexible deployment:Customers now have two deployment options to choose from: a single-stack deployment integrated with Cloud WAF, or through Connectors into other popular technologies including AWS, Cloudflare, F5 Networks, NGINX, and now, Fastly
  • Overall improved site performance:Reduce latency without affecting the flow of business-critical traffic

For better performance and availability, deploy Advanced Bot Protection easily as part of Imperva’s Cloud Security platform. This is ideal for companies that already use Imperva’s Cloud Application platform or those seeking a single stack security solution including CDN, WAF, DDoS and Advanced Bot Protection. This defense-in-depth solution brings Imperva’s best-of-breed solutions together and provides the ideal platform for Advanced Bot Protection.

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