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Africa Airport Security Market Insights By Size, Share, Future Growth And Forecast In 2020

With the recent wave of ISIS suicide attacks in the Middle East and Africa (MEA), one cannot underestimate the importance of effective airport security in the region.
The Middle East and Africa airport security technologies, industry & markets are going through major shifts. New and maturing sectors and technologies such as Standoff People & Vehicle-borne IED Detection, Cargo Screening, Cybersecurity, Airport Perimeter Security Systems, Automated Border Control Kiosks, and Advanced ICT Technologies create new market niches and fresh business opportunities.
According to the report, the Middle East & Africa market growth is boosted by the following drivers:
The recent wave of ISIS terror attacks across the Middle East and Africa
The region’s air passenger volume growth, especially in Turkey and the Gulf States
Advancements in security infrastructure and screening technologies
The high cost of foreign security services and security technology professionals
The need to streamline airport security processes and reduce passengers’ waiting time

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