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Bandweaver launches ZoneSentry, the latest perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS) based on fibre optic sensing technology for smaller sites

The new ZoneSentry is a zonal-based Perimeter Intrusion Detection System (PIDS), based on Bandweaver’s leading-edge fibre optic distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) technology.

By attaching a single fibre optic sensing cable to the external perimeter of a site or on key assets, ZoneSentry can detect and alert to the vibrations, associated with intrusion events, thereby enabling rapid action to prevent damage or theft.

ZoneSentry system

Available with 4 or 8 zones, the ZoneSentry system can integrate with CCTV cameras, at both a hardware or software level. When used with Bandweaver’s MaxView integration software, the solution can also interface with other security systems, such as VMS (Video Management System) or PSIM (Physical Security Information Management).

The product addresses the growing demand for real-time monitoring and intruder detection at small- and medium-sized sites, as well as in residential settings.

Straightforward, out-of-the-box solution

Positioned as an entry-level solution, ZoneSentry offers real-time monitoring and detection

ZoneSentry is a straightforward, out-of-the-box solution that requires minimal set-up, configuration and maintenance. As a result, installation time and costs are reduced, and the system is operational much quicker than with alternative technologies.

Positioned as an entry-level solution, ZoneSentry offers real-time monitoring and detection, along perimeters of up to 8 km per unit. Furthermore, all of this is delivered at a reduced cost, when compared to microwave, radar or more complex COTDR-based Distributed Acoustic Sensor (DAS) based systems.

Distributed fibre optic sensing technologies

The unique qualities of distributed fibre optic sensing technologies offer a number of key benefits, including:

  • Completely passive, with no moving parts, power or electronics required in the field.
  • Long lifetime, maintenance free cable, with greater than 30 years design life.
  • Immune to electromagnetic interference.
  • Intrinsically safe and ideal for oil and gas sites.
  • Zone specific tuning and filtering minimises nuisance alarms.
  • The cost-effective design makes it ideal for use in a range of settings, including renewable energy sites, such as solar farms, remote telecoms sites, power, utilities and substations and Oil and Gas assets, such as well heads, pumping stations and block valves.
Perimeter intrusion detection system (PIDS)

Richard Kluth, Managing Director at Bandweaver, commented “ZoneSentry provides many of the advantages of fibre optic sensing solutions at a lower price point for smaller sites, where precise location accuracy is not required, such as unmanned settings.

He adds, “More precise, location-based PIDS solutions are often over specified for these scenarios and so the ZoneSentry system provides a simple solution that delivers swift installation, minimal configuration time, and easy physical integration, all with a low cost per detection metre.

Integration with CCTV cameras

Utilising fibre optic cable, ZoneSentry offers a cost-effective solution for small sites that combines swift installation, zone specific configuration and minimal maintenance.

With the ability to integrate with CCTV cameras to provide visual verification of perimeter breaches, ZoneSentry provides operators with the confidence that even the most challenging and remote sites are effectively protected.

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