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CathexisVision: Surveillance Solutions For COVID-19

In the wake of COVID-19, administrative personnel, security staff, and management in all markets have been stretched to their limit. Running businesses while maintaining safe social distances between workers and clients, taking temperatures, and ensuring masks are worn is in itself, a full-time job. The question is, how can we make it easier for managers on site to handle this challenging environment?

CathexisVision video management software has risen to the challenges posed by COVID-19, offering comprehensive, complete, and cost-effective software solutions. We offer support for a wide variety of market sectors, such as city surveillance, banking, healthcare, manufacturing, education, government, mining, retail, government, and many more.

Temperature Monitoring
In response to COVID-19, CathexisVision is working closely with thermal camera manufacturers to generate temperature alert capability, and this can help to monitor the health of visitors and staff entering and exiting buildings. Through adding temperature screening to our software, we have designed a tool that can provide a visual representation of temperature and trigger alerts at pre-determined thresholds. In this regard, we are delighted to have integrated with the Mobotix M series thermal camera. Functionally, this integration involves utilising a Mobotix M series camera with dual sensors, one thermographic and one visual. The Mobotix SDK has the ability to send the raw thermal data of the thermographic image, which Cathexis can then match to faces detected in the visual stream. Real-time visual and audio alerts will notify users, and the system can also be configured to take other actions such as sending email notifications, switching cameras on video walls, and many more. Like our other latest features, temperature monitoring is fully customisable.

Social Distancing
Maintaining a safe social distance is a key precaution in preventing the spread of the novel Coronavirus. Even so, in large businesses and operations, managing the physical space between people, especially when they number in the hundreds and thousands is a daunting task. This is where our software steps in and does the thinking for you. With our people proximity analytics, CathexisVision automatically picks up when individuals are closer to each other than they should be. The user can also custom set a number of capabilities, such as: the minimum distance that should be set between people and a period of persistence, recorded in seconds. The latter allows bodies to be closer than the minimum distance for a short period of time, for example two people walking briefly past someone in a grocery store.

Mask Detection
Our sophisticated mask detection technology is able to quickly detect whether someone is wearing a mask and provide real-time, informative overlays and alerts for operators, allowing users to choose processing areas around a face, scenes to cover, and set sensitivity. Depending on individual requirements, mask detection can be set to immediately detect a face without a mask, or the software can be set to “smart” detection, which follows the history of a face to make sure it is not unmasked over time. Users can custom set face sizes so that the software won’t detect anything too small and produce an inaccurate result. Ultimately, our mask detection algorithm allows employers and business owners to efficiently make sure that large numbers of people are complying with an important safety and health regulation.



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