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Germany-based Sensry and Swiss-based LEGIC Ident systems have collaborated to create the NextGenXDK multi-sensor device, an IoT multi-sensor device, which empowers rapid implementation for a wide range of IoT applications that often require secure and managed sensor access and end-to-end data security.


Source: LEGIC

According to the two companies: “The device works out-of-the-box, combining up to 20 sensor outputs with secure mobile access control technology from LEGIC.

“NextGenXDK fully integrates with the LEGIC Connect mobile security platform enabling system operators to create, distribute and revoke mobile access credentials as well as securely monitor and configure sensors and IoT devices over-the-air. The solution works both on- and offline.”

Dirk Behrens, Head of Sales and Marketing at Sensry, added: “Obtaining reliable Industrial IoT data depends on linking verified users with trusted sensors and objects so that their interactions are authorized and accountable. Our secure NextGenXDK multi-sensor device is ideal for business-critical IoT monitoring applications in logistics, power generation, manufacturing, healthcare, finance, government, transportation, aviation, and high-security access control.”

LEGIC and Sensry’s Solutions

The design is robust and water-resistant, with an industry-standard M8 connector.

LEGIC continues to add to its products and collaborative efforts with other companies, to continue adding management capabilities to companies of all shapes and sizes.

Find out more about the NextGenXDK. 

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