Hikvision launches new App Store

Designed to ensure users can quickly and easily update their apps to the latest versions, Hikvision has launched its new App Store.

The store will help users benefit from the newest improvements to functionality and security, according to the manufacturer, as they are implemented by the company’s software engineering teams.

“The new Hikvision App Store offers Android and iOS versions of our apps, when there is new upgrade version available, users are prompted to choose an automatic upgrade or they can do it manually within the app,” Gary Harmer, Hikvision UK & Ireland Sales Director, said.

He added that updates will be automatically delivered to devices, and believes the “simplicity and ease of accessibility” of the store will improve software experience for end users, integrators and installers.

The apps available at launch include the video management app Hik-Connect, dedicated mobile phone surveillance apps, specialist apps for the retail and industrial security, a thermal camera control application, and more.

The full line-up list of apps available in the Hikvision App Store is:

  • Hik-Connect
  • HikCentral Mobile
  • HikCentral HD
  • HikCentral Master Mobile
  • iVMS-4500
  • iVMS-5260M Mobile Client
  • E-Retail
  • E-Industrial
  • HiLookVision
  • Hik Thermal

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