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Hikvision has enhanced its ColorVu technology with Super Confocal and Smart Hybrid Light Technologies allowing for sharp imaging and precise focusing even in ultra-low light.

The software comes with flexible ‘hybrid’ lighting to ensure clear imaging in any scenario.

“By upgrading ColorVu technology, we aim to elevate our customers’ night vision experience in any setting with always-sharply-focused imaging and versatile lighting options,” said Rubio Hong, Product Director at Hikvision.

Through the use of high-calibre lenses that reduce the dispersal of optical light, infra-red light can focus effectively, creating a smooth viewing experience and rendering clear vivid images both in colour and black & white.

Achieving this confocal imaging with F1.0 super aperture is an industry first.

“We are very proud of our ultra-low-light technology, which eliminates the headache of darkness and unclear footage,” added Hong.

Hikvision’s Smart Hybrid Light technology can automatically switch from IR light to visible white (supplemental) lighting at night. Equipped with this technology, cameras offer three supplemental lighting options to suit a user’s unique night time scenario, depending on the need.

No matter the establishment, no matter the time of day, cameras can effectively and clearly determine all aspects of a given scenario, producing visual data that can easily be interpreted.

With the smart mode turned on, the camera maintains infrared illumination at night until an event triggers colour imaging to capture critical details. This means that once human or vehicle motion is detected by the camera, it switches to regular lights and turns to full colour. This helps in two critical ways: first, the camera’s colour imaging captures better footage which can be used to identify the intruder. Secondly, the triggered light acts as a deterrent to would-be trespassers who might potentially be startled and flee the scene.

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