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ImageWare launches webinar on biometrics for securing remote enterprise workers, announces new VP

ImageWare has teamed up with IT-Harvest Chief Research Analyst Richard Stiennon to launch an on-demand webinar on security threats related to COVID-19, and how enterprises can safeguard employee identity with biometrics through MFA GoVerifyID optimized for Microsoft Active Directory.

The company cites Gartner research showing that 81 percent or more of employees from nearly half of all organizations began working remotely during the coronavirus pandemic, and 41 percent are likely to continue doing so. Enterprise IT teams are challenged to respond, and many organizations have become vulnerable to security risks as employees access sensitive data and accounts remotely while engaging with other employees, partners, customers and end-users.

FBI cybercrimes reported to IC3 are 400 percent higher than the equivalent period last year.

“I have never seen such a universal adjustment to change like the overnight requirement to work from home,” said Richard Stiennon, Chief Research Analyst at IT-Harvest. “Email, Wi-Fi, and cloud were rapid deployments, but measured in years. Those did not require every organization to support the change within 24 hours. Now that the mechanics of getting people online and productive have been overcome, we need to ensure that access is secured.”

The webinar will cover authorization of access through real identity, rather than passwords, tokens or devices which could be used by unauthorized individuals, why out of band biometric authentication is the best practice for authentication integrity, how up to seven biometric modalities are available to IT departments to customize solutions for access within the enterprise, and native integration into Active Directory through the Microsoft Management Console plugin.

New VP of Product Management announced

ImageWare has also appointed Mark A. Blackman as its new Vice President of Product Management. He brings more than 25 years of broad experience in product management, engineering, IT, business development and intellectual property strategy to the position.

Blackman has held key leadership positions at Qualcomm and mobile app store Brew.

“We are lucky to have Mark join ImageWare. He brings a track record of technical leadership with a bent towards materializing revenue. His expertise in closely triangulating with engineering, marketing and sales teams, makes him the best choice to lead our product management function to drive shareholder value in these fast-growing biometrics market,” said Kristin A. Taylor, CEO of ImageWare.

CEO joins board

ImageWare also announced that new CEO Kristin A. Taylor, who took on that role on March 2, has been elected to its board of directors. The company says in the announcement that its ongoing strategic restructuring will drive results and open up new opportunities.

The company also appointed Jonathan D. Morris as SVP and CFO last month.

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