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LogRhythm announced the release of its report, “2024 State of the Security Team: Navigating Constant Change” based on research conducted by Dimensional Research. 

The report dives deep into the evolving digital landscape, unveiling that 95 per cent of companies reported they’ve altered their cybersecurity strategies within the last twelve months. 

As businesses worldwide grapple with ever-changing cyber threats and regulatory mandates, this report stands as a testament to the resilience of security teams, providing insights into the challenging terrain of modern cybersecurity.

The research examined several facets of cybersecurity, drawing on insights from a global survey of 1,176 security executives and professionals across five continents. 

It explored the resources available to security teams, budget allocation, confidence in handling breaches, accountability for breaches, reporting capabilities, and the effectiveness of security communication within businesses.

Andrew Hollister, Chief Information Security Officer at LogRhythm said: “The evolving role of cybersecurity leadership reflects a fundamental shift in how organisations view and manage cyber risk.

“Today’s threat environment demands a collaborative approach, with senior executives working hand-in-hand with security professionals to understand the risks, make well-informed, strategic decisions, and allocate the necessary resources to safeguard the organisation and its clients.”

The top factors driving changes to security strategy include:

  • Keeping pace with the shifting regulatory landscape (98%) 
  • The need to meet customer expectations for data protection and privacy (89%)
  • The rise of AI-driven threats and solutions (65%)

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