Fire prevention and detection

Manufacturer upgrades software, provides fire prevention products

Fire prevention and protection products manufacturer Centa Group has upgraded its maintenance management program to incorporate barcoded controls and photographic evidence of maintenance work undertaken.

This program, which was developed by Centa 15 years ago following its establishment of a division specialising solely on national fire-related maintenance contracts.

Initially, the purpose of the program was to provide customers with 24/7 transparency and accurate information relating to maintenance work undertaken.

Apart from the program, over the years, Centa has ensured that the science of fire is a key driver in its execution of business. Although fire extinguishers were the first items Centa produced, the company is now involved in the complete range of fire prevention product.

These products include fire extinguishers, hose reels, trolley units, hoses, fire detection, gaseous fire suppression systems, passive fire protection, firefighting foams and powders, sprinklers installations, as well as fire doors.

All product manufactured by Centa carries the SANS mark of approval.

Moreover, differentiation has always been a hallmark of Centa as it has always been driven by its passion for South Africa and understands the need to nurture and grow local manufacturing.

As such, Centa’s main areas of differentiation within the South African fire industry are it being a 51% black woman-owned company as well as being the only manufacturer of SANS-approved fire extinguishers, hose reels and trolley units in South Africa.

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