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Next Generation Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection for Fences: Fiber Defender® FD7104™

HILLSBORO, OR – Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI) recently announced the release of the Fiber Defender® FD7104™, a smarter high-performance sensor that is easier and quicker to install.

With FSI’s 30 years of leadership in fiber-optic sensors, the FD7104™ utilizes an advanced algorithm that incorporates a new intuitive embedded web interface. This new browser-accessible interface eliminates the need for additional software and allows local or networked access to the unit. The sensor’s firmware is field-upgradeable and automatically updates the embedded manuals. The FD7104 can be powered by PoE or traditional power supplies allowing installation flexibility.

The FD7104 can drive up to 800 meters of sensing cable and 4.2Km of insensitive lead-in cable per zone. This allows the flexibility of mounting the APU at the fence line or remotely in a control room. When mounted in the control room, no active components are needed in the field, making this the ultimate sensor for environments with lightning, EMI, or RFI concerns.

“The Fiber Defender® FD7104™ is a newly-designed modern sensor with increased intelligence and an intuitive interface,” said FSI CEO, Masaya Horii. “For our customers, this means less time training employees and tuning the system while seeing performance benefits.”

With the only fiber-optic sensors to receive PL1-N approval by the United States Air Force, the highest rating available, Fiber SenSys products protect the most critical sites in the world. Applications for FSI sensors range from commercial and power distribution to oil and gas as well as military. Scalable solutions vary from small, commercial perimeters to large, highly complex, multi-site projects.

Fiber SenSys, Inc. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OPTEX CO., LTD, the world’s largest outdoor security sensor manufacturer. Optex stock is publicly traded on the Tokyo stock exchange.

For more information, contact:

Fiber SenSys, Inc.
6175 NE Century Blvd.
Hillsboro, OR 97124
+1 (503) 692-4430

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