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Nittan launches new visual alarm base for its leading evolution photoelectric smoke detector

The new EV-PYSVAD is a Type A Indoor Beacon Base VAD with enhanced performance. It features 12 high-power white LEDs which provide the required light output to meet the EN 54-23 Category C (Ceiling) certification requirements with a rating of C 3.0 x 5.0. As a slave device taking its commands from the EV-PYS detector, the EV-PYSVAD does not require an individual loop address.

For maximum flexibility and ease of installation, the EV-PYSVAD has been designed to be a backward compatible drop-in replacement for its predecessor, the EV-PSBCN Visual Indicator Base, without the need for panel upgrades or type code changes.

The EV-PYSVAD Visual Alarm Base has been introduced specifically for use with Nittan’s EV-PYS Photoelectric smoke detector, which comes complete with integral sounder. The EV-PYS features an advanced smoke-sensing chamber designed for maximum effectiveness. A spherical feature incorporated within the chamber provides superior light scattering, plus an orange LED is used, which significantly improves response across the fire spectrum. The shape of the ‘PY’ smoke chamber is optimised to minimise the effect of dirt/dust contamination, plus a fine stainless-steel micromesh prevents the ingress of even the smallest insects which can create false alarms.

The EV-PYSVAD Visual Alarm Base is the latest addition to Nittan’s Evolution analogue addressable fire detection system range.

The Nittan Group has been at the forefront of the international fire-protection industry since 1954. It continuously innovates and strives for exceptional quality products of the highest standards. For more information, please contact Nittan on 01483 769 555 or by email at or go to

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