Rosenbauer launches new firefighting boots with chainsaw cut protection

Rosenbauer introduces enhanced safety footwear for firefighters

Firefighters face various hazards in their line of duty, with chainsaw operations being among the most dangerous.

Recognising this, Rosenbauer has expanded its BOROS line of firefighting boots to include models featuring integrated chainsaw cut protection, specifically designed to safeguard firefighters from serious injuries during chainsaw use.

Innovative protection meets rigorous standards

The new BOROS CS models come equipped with several layers of KEVLAR® to offer unmatched protection.

This design effectively stops a chainsaw in its tracks upon contact, ensuring the safety of the wearer’s feet.

“Several KEVLAR® layers are incorporated into all BOROS CS firefighting boots. Their fibers reliably block the chainsaw on contact, bringing the saw to a standstill before it can come into contact with the foot,” said a Rosenbauer spokesperson.

These boots have undergone rigorous laboratory testing, surpassing real-life conditions to meet the EN 17249 protection level 3 standards.

Distinctive design for easy identification

The BOROS B2 CS and BOROS B4 CS models are not only about safety but also convenience and ease of identification.

The use of a golden seam instead of the traditional red thread allows emergency crews to quickly verify they are wearing the correct boots for chainsaw operations.

The BOROS B4 CS also features Rosenbauer’s patented quick-release device for a perfect fit in seconds, enhancing both safety and readiness.

High-quality features across the board

Despite the added chainsaw protection, the BOROS CS models maintain the high-quality features of the standard BOROS boots.

These include a non-slip and antistatic sole by Michelin®, steel toe cap and penetration protection, breathable bootleg closure, Sympatex climate membrane, high-quality bullskin upper, and TPU toe and heel cap.


The BOROS CS firefighting boots, alongside the rest of the BOROS range and a comprehensive selection of personal protective equipment (PPE), are now available for purchase in the Rosenbauer online shop.

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