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Siemens launches new fire protection system for buildings

Siemens Smart Infrastructure has launched a new version of the fire protection system, Cerberus FIT, offering a simple and cost-efficient solution to the small to medium-sized buildings market.

Cerberus FIT maximises fire safety, thanks to greater functionality and enhanced productivity for those working on protecting the buildings.

The intuitive interface as well as the auto configuration tool allow the technician to install, commission and maintain the system in a fast, easy and reliable way. With the delayed alarm function staff will be informed first to identify what an alarm is about in order to assess the situation. This ensures business continuity and reduces disturbances to occupants of smaller buildings such as small-to-medium sized hotels, kindergartens or nursing homes.

The Cerberus line offers a broad portfolio of detection and alarming devices including pre-configured Cerberus FIT device to choose from: from fast and reliable fire detectors to configurable alarming devices (including EN 54 compliant sounder and voice sounder beacons) which enables smart evacuation. The newest portfolio member, the updated Cerberus FIT fire protection system now allows for second loop, supporting a maximum number of 252 addressable peripherals and devices, such as detectors as well as alarm devices.

All detectors and peripheral devices have an integrated line separator. In case of an interruption, the loop turns into two stub lines while making sure the system is running. This significantly increases the safety of building occupants and ensures business continuity. Because every device is also powered by the loop, less wiring is needed, enabling the customer to achieve cost-efficiency.

The new version of the Cerberus FIT control panel comes with an intuitive interface, including LED indicators with self-explanatory icons and an easy-to-read display. This avoids extensive training and allows facility staff to perform simple operational tasks on their own, without the help of experts.

Thanks to its auto configuration feature, the Cerberus FIT control panel detects and automatically reads-in all connected devices, providing immediate and simple operation. The integrated ‘Panel Configurator’ enables the configuration to be changed quickly and easily on a PC or laptop, without additional software.

Cerberus FIT is an EN-compliant fire protection system. It is approved and certified by the independent certification body LPCB and can be used in accordance with the application standard DIN VDE V 0826-2. The new Cerberus FIT version will be available globally, maximizing the fire safety of smaller buildings as well as enhancing the productivity of everyone involved in their protection.

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