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South African app Fluss brings smart gate, door access control to your phone

South African company Fluss has developed a solution that allows users to turn most electronic access points, such as a motorised gate or magnetic door, into a smart lock that you can control with your smartphone.

Rather than requiring an entirely new or separate locking device, Fluss integrates with a small device that connects to the access point’s electrical system.

You can then use the app to open the gate, door, or garage — and grant trusted contacts the ability to do so too.

“Our aim with the Fluss app is to simplify your life by replacing all those pesky remotes — that you always misplace — with a single app on your phone – the Fluss app,” developer Thomas Davies said in a statement.

“The Fluss app allows you to control anything with an electric motor — gates, booms, turnstiles, doors, even barriers.”

How the Fluss smart lock app works

The Fluss device works with almost any system that can accept an electronic trigger to unlock, which means it can work with a variety of access solutions.

This removes the need to create multiple keys, remotes, or key fobs for people who use the access point. Rather, you can give other users access through the app.

While primarily marketed to users requiring an access solution for points that use an electric motor, Davies clarified to Memeburn that installers can set it up for most different types of electric access points.

“With the correct installation, it can work with magnetic locks, strike locks, turnstiles, parking barriers and many more,” Davies told Memeburn. “It may require some additional relays and/or voltage conversion to work, but any qualified installer would easily be able to set it up.”

You can also keep track of who accesses a point and at what time, with the option to limit access to certain times of day. Access can also be given on a temporary or one-time basis.

Internet access is not necessary when opening an access point either, since the app uses Bluetooth to connect with the Fluss device.

However, users will need to have internet access when accepting their invite on the Fluss app.

What about loadshedding?

A consideration to make when using a smart unlocking system would be its reliability during power outages and loadshedding.

Davies notes that the Fluss solution will work as long as the system it’s connected to has a backup battery.

Since a separate Fluss device is needed for each access point (e.g. a motorised gate and garage door would each need a Fluss device), they will be powered directly from each point or system’s battery during outages.

Who is Fluss for?

So who is the company marketing its solution towards?

“Fluss is recommended for anyone with a smartphone, whether it is for the homeowner who is tired of replacing remotes, or for an AirBnb owner, for residential complexes, storage facilities or even businesses who can use access logs to track employee movement,” Davies told Memeburn.

The only thing that would truly disqualify someone from the solution is not having a smartphone.

A single Fluss device costs R999 and you can order more depending on the number of access points you have.

Pricing for the app depends on the installation type. For home users, the app has no cost. For residential complexes, the subscription costs R5 per residental unit. Business subscriptions attract a cost of R10 per parking bay.

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