Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) for Enhanced Security Monitoring by Comm Port Technologies Inc

Comm Port Technologies stands as a pioneering US-based manufacturer of Under Vehicle Surveillance System (UVSS) technologies, boasting an extensive global presence. Our flagship technologies, CPAS and FLEX, serve as industry benchmarks.

CPAS, employing cutting-edge color area scanning technology, is a game-changer in military security applications. This technology meticulously scans and inspects vehicle undercarriages, utilizing image analysis to detect suspicious objects, explosive devices, or contraband like drugs and weapons.

Tailored for military, government, corporate, and transportation facilities with security checkpoints, CPAS proves ideal for screening various vehicles, including buses, vans, and tractor trailers.

Key Offerings:

  1. Comm Port Image Comparison
  2. Comm Port Fixed-facility CPAS Series for UVSS Applications
  3. Comm Port Portable FLEX Series for UVSS Applications
  4. Comm Port Portable Under Vehicle Dolly Camera for Rapid Deployment

Additional Features:

  • Comm Port 2184
  • CPAS GUI Master Layout
  • CPAS UVSS Side View Hookup
  • CPAS Central Monitoring and Remote Viewing of Multiple Lanes

CPAS ensures real-time, high-resolution, full-color vehicle imagery, even with vehicles in motion at speeds up to 75 km/h (47 mph). The system offers a range of scanning cameras operating between 400 and 900 frames per second, providing clear and sharp images.

Noteworthy Features:

  • High-Intensity LED-based Lighting for Enhanced Visibility
  • Heavy-duty Diamond Plate Construction for Ruggedness
  • Resistance to Extreme Climates and Rugged Terrain
  • Worldwide Support and Installation Services

CPAS Applications:

  • Explosives, Weapons, and Contraband Detection
  • Border Checking for Human Smuggling
  • Force Protection
  • Stolen Vehicles
  • Access Control

Flex-UVSS, another offering from Comm Port, specializes in scanning, monitoring, and digitally recording vehicle images for defense security. This solution records clear, sharp digital video images of a vehicle’s undersides with LED illumination and advanced digital camera imaging, aiding in the detection of attached objects such as packages or explosives.

Notable Features:

  • High-resolution, Waterproof, Color Video Cameras
  • Rugged Inspection Ramp Constructed from Heavy-duty Galvanized Steel
  • Easy Addition of Ramp and Shoulder Sections for Wider Roads or Multiple Lanes
  • Advanced Digital Monitoring System with Real-time Video Output
  • Events Stamped by Time, Date, or ANPR

Comm Port’s UVSS solution is versatile, with applications ranging from stationary installations to portable systems, offering a comprehensive array of integrated components for simplified installation. With a commitment to excellence, Comm Port Technologies continues to lead the way in UVSS technology globally.

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