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Why choose Uniview as your IP surveillance partner of choice?

The consistently high crime levels in South Africa have reinforced the importance of surveillance technology for businesses, homes, estates, institutions and more. Many have installed modern, cutting-edge IP surveillance cameras to maximise intelligent features on top of these products’ traditional benefits. These features include remote monitoring, thermal imaging, enhanced facial detection, people counting, and more.

Where to get the best IP surveillance cameras

Through two decades of exposure in the security industry, MiRO, a South African distributor of world-class IP-convergence brands, came to appreciate and value Uniview as an end-to-end provider of best-of-breed IP cameras, NVRs, and video management software.

MiRO’s partnership with Uniview began at the turn of the decade and has since worked with thousands of partners to install countless solutions around the country. The brand offers customers the perfect mixture of data management and security solutions with its wide range of products, competitive pricing, and the latest surveillance technology.

Why choose Uniview as your IP surveillance partner of choice?


Uniview’s portfolio features a wide range of surveillance cameras with various pixelations, lenses, and sizes. The portfolio consists of cameras ranging from mini & standard sized bullets and domes to fisheye, panoramic, mini & industrial PTZ (Pan, Tilt & Zoom), thermal, license plate recognition and dual-lens cameras – to name a few.

Here are the three categories we believe make Uniview the ideal partner for any high-performance surveillance solution—the Easy, Prime and Pro Series.

  • The Easy Series – The Easy Series is perfect to start up your surveillance system. At the most affordable price, it offers you 24/7 monitoring, and all the essential IP features your business needs.
  • The Prime Series – Premium and worthwhile, this series supports practical features such as Smart Intrusion Prevention (SIP) which utilises smart line and block features that selectively capture people, vehicles, and non-motor vehicles. This reduces false alarms and saves system owners bandwidth and hard drive space. Any Prime purchase made through MiRO grants you a 2-year warranty!
  • The Pro Series – Taking premium to the next level, the Pro series includes a 3-year warranty, intelligent analytics, facial recognition, thermal reading and more. It is perfect for large enterprise deployments where broader video coverage is essential, especially at night.

Their offerings include compatible accessories, such as hard drives, brackets, PTZ controllers, monitoring screens and more, ensuring you get a complete and effective solution.

MiRO goes above and beyond to provide security customers with a complete end-to-end solution, from wireless backhaul equipment to backup power systems. Customers can now keep their IP solution powered during rolling blackouts at a fraction of the cost. For their UPS solutions, visit their Acconet range here.

To offer you more knowledge and insight into security solutions we will host the MiRO Security Roadshow which will commence on the 11th until the 27th of October at all MiRO branches across South Africa. We will take you deep into the world of security and explore South Africa’s high demand for cutting-edge security solutions while showcasing some of the industry leaders such as Uniview, Ring, ZKTeco, TP-Link and Hikvision, to name a few.


We will also introduce our IoT and home automation solutions, which complement any residential and business environment by providing remote monitoring, access, and peace of mind to any user, regardless of location. Due to the ever-increasing demand for secondary power solutions, we will also take a deep dive into how to ensure your security solutions have backup power even during rolling blackouts.


Don’t be caught off guard. Join us this October for the security roadshow, and together, we can take the lead in making our communities safer.


Click HERE to book your seat and for more details on the location, schedule and dates.


Browse our Uniview stock here or contact our sales team at sales@miro.co.za and 012 657 0960 for more information regarding our surveillance solutions.



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