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Dahua’s ESG 2023: Sustainable practices in video surveillance

Dahua Technology, a world pioneer in video surveillance, has released its 2023 ESG report, showcasing its leadership and commitment to building a green, environment-friendly and safe intelligent world. Last year, the company, a global video-centric AIoT solution and service provider, made substantial strides by focusing on maximising economic, climate-conscious and social values.

At the forefront of corporate social responsibility, Dahua actively engaged in a fundraising event for UK charity Breast Cancer Now, raising awareness and funds to help those affected by the illness. In addition, the company successfully joined the United Nations Global Compact demonstrating its ongoing dedication to responsible business action in support of broader societal goals.

Environmental management system

Dahua has a well-established rule framework that adheres to compliance operations and trade ethics

Adopting a green development strategy, Dahua also implemented an extensive environmental management system, contributing to waste reduction and environmental preservation by enhancing energy efficiency and resource utilisation. In 2023 alone, this included recycling 1,663 tonnes of production materials, ensuring 100% lawful disposal of hazardous waste and achieving an overall recovery rate of 80% for WEEE products.

Championing ESG best practices, Dahua has a well-established governance framework that adheres to compliance operations and business ethics thanks to its Integrity Compliance Committee. Thanks to this body, it continuously improves privacy protection systems, actively carries out external audits and conducts emergency drills and training to ensure the highest level of security for its end users.

Ambitious ESG goals

Alvin Qian, General Manager UK & Ireland, commented recognising the company’s ESG accomplishments: “In 2023 we witnessed Dahua’s steadfast dedication to social responsibility while seamlessly integrating digital intelligence into our sustainable initiatives and practices. I am proud of our achievements and confident about the progress we have made as we strive to meet our ambitious ESG goals. Looking ahead, we remain committed to driving further advancements in line with our company’s sustainable vision.”

With its mission of enabling a safer society and smarter living, Dahua vows to continue creating value beyond safety through technology, contributing to the world’s harmonious coexistence with nature.

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