Perimeter Security
    2 weeks ago

    Innovative Solution for More Reliable Perimeter Security

    Securing temporary and remote sites like construction sites, storage areas, and parking areas requires constant…
    Fire prevention and detection
    2 weeks ago

    New Firmware further differentiates Teledyne GD10P IR Gas Detector

    The only device on the market that provides IR detection to first-class SIL 2 high…
    Health and Safety
    2 weeks ago

    New Holmatro Stack Bags Series

    For stable lifting over a greater height When inflating the new 12 bar Holmatro Stack…
    Fire prevention and detection
    2 weeks ago

    ILUS International launches world’s first all-in-one handheld firefighting nozzle

    ILUS International has announced the launch of a handheld firefighting nozzle with integrated low-pressure water…
    Video Surveillance
    2 weeks ago

    Banking on Artificial Intelligence in Video Surveillance

    There’s no doubt that over the past few years, emerging technologies have been paving the…
    Fire prevention and detection
    2 weeks ago

    Here’s how to prevent winter fires: Assistant fire chief gives safety tips

    A little common sense can go a long way to keeping you safe throughout the…
    Access Control
    2 weeks ago

    How Smart Access Control Is Improving the Built World

    How Smart Access Control Is Improving the Built World The internet of things (IoT) is…
    Access Control
    2 weeks ago

    Invixium Integrates Biometric Solutions with AEOS by Nedap

    Invixium, a premier manufacturer of innovative touchless biometrics, has integrated its portfolio of modern solutions…
    Access Control
    2 weeks ago


    Reap the benefits of the gate access control system in a business for better operation…
    Fire prevention and detection
    Dec 15, 2021

    “Stay Connected” with Rosenbauer digital products

    The operational scenarios in fire prevention and disaster control are becoming increasingly complex. We live in a world…

    Intruder Detection

      Nov 9, 2021

      jax Systems announces a new Special Event for December 2

      On December 2 at 13:00 (UTC+2), Ajax Systems will hold a big online presentation of new products and software. Partners…
      Nov 1, 2021

      Best Practices for Video Monitoring Services

      Video monitoring is transforming outdoor security. The same systems first designed for protecting critical sites are now available for solving…
      Sep 16, 2021

      What Are Intrusion Detection Systems?

      The sophistication of cyberattacks in recent years reiterates the need for reinforcement in cybersecurity. As a result of this, more…
      Jul 22, 2021

      MotionCam Outdoor: photo verification goes beyond premises

      MotionCam Outdoor by Ajax Systems, the new wireless outdoor motion detector with a built-in camera, saves users’ nerves and prevents…
      Apr 7, 2021

      The need for intrusion detection system for warehouses

      Businesses that have large warehouses in different locations are under the continuous threat of unwanted intrusion. When the business warehouses…
      Feb 28, 2021

      FLIR Systems Announces Upgraded FLIR identiFINDER R440, Next-Generation Handheld Radionuclide Identification Device

      New High-Performance Detectors and Advanced Algorithms Identify Radioactive Threats Faster and from Farther Away ARLINGTON, VA, February 24, 2021 ― FLIR…
      Feb 14, 2021

      Next Generation Fiber-Optic Intrusion Detection for Fences: Fiber Defender® FD7104™

      HILLSBORO, OR – Fiber SenSys, Inc. (FSI) recently announced the release of the Fiber Defender® FD7104™, a smarter high-performance sensor that is…
      Feb 10, 2021

      MotionProtect Outdoor — wireless outdoor motion detector with an advanced anti-masking system and pet-immunity

      MotionProtect Outdoor by Ajax Systems is a motion outdoor detector with a two-phase algorithm for protection against false triggering, pet…

      IT & Cyber Security

        IT and Cyber Security
        Aug 16, 2021

        Managing cyber-physical security threats through convergence in a hyper-connected world

        Writing for Dark Reading, Thomas Kopecky, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ontic, expands on the growing belief in the…
        IT and Cyber Security
        Apr 20, 2021

        7 Ways to Protect Organisations from Ransomware Attacks

        Over the past few years, the methods cybercriminals use to distribute ransomware has changed dramatically. While a few years ago,…
        Feb 28, 2021

        Idis acquires controlling stake in KT Powertel

        Idis, one of South Korea’s largest video security technology manufacturers, has acquired a controlling (44.84%) stake in KT Powertel, the…
        Feb 28, 2021

        Cybersecurity as a service gains traction

        Investing in all the people and processes that make up a sound cybersecurity framework is out of the reach of…
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