Intruder Detection
    3 weeks ago

    jax Systems announces a new Special Event for December 2

    On December 2 at 13:00 (UTC+2), Ajax Systems will hold a big online presentation of…
    Access Control
    4 weeks ago

    Gallagher’s Command Centre v8.60 builds for the future

    The latest version of Gallagher’s award-winning site management software, Command Centre, has arrived – enabling…
    Fire prevention and detection
    4 weeks ago

    Flame-Resistant Fibers Combine Protection and Comfort for Firefighters

    A global trend is moving to “inherently flame resistant” clothing solutions, as opposed to materials…
    Fire prevention and detection
    4 weeks ago

    How to choose a smoke detector

    Which smoke detector is best? Smoke detectors are crucial to the safety of any home. Therefore,…
    Video Surveillance
    4 weeks ago

    SimpliSafe Wireless Outdoor Security Camera review: The winning alarm system gets an outdoor camera

    For a long while, the lack of an outdoor camera had been one of the…
    Integrated Security
    4 weeks ago

    Viking Electronics’ 300TB-IP Paging Horn

    The 300TB-IP SIP Paging Horn is designed for two-way conversations and paging via SIP, and…
    Intruder Detection
    4 weeks ago

    Best Practices for Video Monitoring Services

    Video monitoring is transforming outdoor security. The same systems first designed for protecting critical sites…
    Fire prevention and detection
    4 weeks ago

    New Gas Detection Solutions for Dangerous Leaks in Inclement Weather

    Honeywell released two new Bluetooth®-connected gas detectors that can deliver continuous monitoring for dangerous gases…
    Home Automation and Smart Building
    4 weeks ago

    Automated home – ideas for making your property smart

    An automated home sounds like the stuff of the future. Or of the past, in…
    Fire prevention and detection
    Oct 25, 2021

    Solving smoke detector false alarms

    It happens to everyone: the annoying low-battery chirp that seems to go off only in…


      Aug 2, 2021

      Multi-subscription: synchronous monitoring of Ajax security systems by multiple services

      Ajax security systems are upgraded with the multi-subscription function, which means that now one hub can be monitored by several…
      Jul 27, 2021

      Linear BT135-W and BT125-W Bluetooth Readers from Nortek Control

      Offering enhanced security and personalized access control, Nortek Control today launched its new Linear® BT135-W Access Control Reader and Linear…
      May 31, 2021

      SALTO Neo electronic cylinder gains BSI Enhanced Level IoT Kitemark™

      SALTO Systems, world leaders in wire-free networked, wireless, cloud, and smart-phone based access control solutions, has announced that the SALTO…
      May 24, 2021

      Ajax Special Event reveals new products and software

      Today, on May 20, Ajax Systems has held the second Special Event, an online presentation of new devices and software…
      May 20, 2021

      AnyVision biometrics deployed as touchless workforce management booms

      FGF Brands operates the high-tech bakeries that supply food retailers including Starbucks and Walmart, and is using AnyVision biometrics to keep team…
      Apr 20, 2021

      What Continual Authentication Offers Your Business

      What is continual authentication? Why does it matter so much for modern cybersecurity, especially for businesses? When we think of…

      IT & Cyber Security

        IT and Cyber Security
        Aug 16, 2021

        Managing cyber-physical security threats through convergence in a hyper-connected world

        Writing for Dark Reading, Thomas Kopecky, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ontic, expands on the growing belief in the…
        IT and Cyber Security
        Apr 20, 2021

        7 Ways to Protect Organisations from Ransomware Attacks

        Over the past few years, the methods cybercriminals use to distribute ransomware has changed dramatically. While a few years ago,…
        Feb 28, 2021

        Idis acquires controlling stake in KT Powertel

        Idis, one of South Korea’s largest video security technology manufacturers, has acquired a controlling (44.84%) stake in KT Powertel, the…
        Feb 28, 2021

        Cybersecurity as a service gains traction

        Investing in all the people and processes that make up a sound cybersecurity framework is out of the reach of…
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