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LogMeOnce Intros Patented QR Code Passwordless Authentication Method

LogMeOnce, the technology leader in the password management market, is now offering a patented passwordless authentication method, a QR Code Login. With the QR Code Login, rather than having to use or enter a password, when a user wants to log into a web account, a unique QR Code will appear on the computer monitor screen. Users can use a mobile phone to scan the code, just like a restaurant food menu, and then they are securely authenticated.

LogMeOnce offers a host of patented passwordless login options for both personal and business use. QR Code Login is just the latest safety feature offered by LogMeOnce’s all-in-one security platform. The company’s platform is the only one embedded with multiple patented security products that protect passwords, identity theft, and cloud storage files, said Kevin Shahbazi, a co-founder of LogMeOnce.

Shahbazi said LogMeOnce’s free cloud-based computer security solution helps consumers and businesses to manage security credentials and strengthen their online activities and business transactions. With adherence to security best practices and FICAM, or Federal Identity Credential and Access Management, LogMeOnce provides an innovative cross-platform Single Sign-On (SSO), Identity Management (IdM), and Password Management solution.

“We are passionate about our market, products, and users,” said Shahbazi, who co-founded Trust Digital, which became a leader in the security and encryption market for mobile enterprises. With advanced encryption technology and a comprehensive security platform, Trust Digital successfully raised multiple rounds in venture capital funding and, subsequently was acquired by security industry leader McAfee in May of 2010.

Since its co-founding in 2011, LogMeOnce has created 65 unrivaled features in the password management market. “Whether you need to make managing your passwords a no-brainer or share files securely with your team members or keep hackers out of your life, we can make it a breeze to be secure,” Shahbazi said.

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