Hikvision EasyLink Wi-Fi Kit – Safe Storage and Easy Linkage

Traditional outdoor cameras are often at risk of damage or loss of SD cards. In addition, when deploying Wi-Fi cameras, installers need to add cameras one by one via mobile apps, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

Hikvision has launched the new EasyLink Wi-Fi kit, which features safe storage in NVS, easy-to-use connections and provides a centralized management system. One Wi-Fi kit for all your worries.

Secure video storage with NVS

  • Separate centralized storage in NVS for safer recording
  • Supports up to 512G SD card without additional purchase. No more worries about the video storage.

Effortless and quick configuration 

Traditionally, installers would need to add cameras one by one via the mobile app. Now with EasyLink Wi-Fi Kit, all devices can be added instantly with a single scan on the Hik-Connect app. Easy connection and configuration.

Lightweight design & easy installation  

  • A lightweight and compact design ensures minimal visibility
  • No more messy cables are required, enjoy clean and organized spaces.
  • Wi-Fi 6 supports, and offers faster and more stable transmission (up to 220 m)

Wi-Fi 6

Faster internet speeds with reduced latency. More stable Wi-Fi transmission to make the management more efficient and reliable.

Smart Hybrid Light

Three lighting modes offer color, black & white, or motion-triggered color imaging to suit virtually any need in any setting.

Two-way Audio 

Interactive communication with crystal-clear audio effects. Support Live Guard with built-in mic and speaker.

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