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Invixium Brings Mask Detection and Face Recognition While Wearing a Mask to IXM TITAN

New Update for IXM TITAN Adds Mask-Related Features to Premier Biometric Provider’s Flagship Touchless Solution

Invixium, a leading global provider of modern biometric solutions, is adding two powerful advancements to its flagship device IXM TITAN: mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask. This addition is included in the upcoming release of IXM WEB and TITAN firmware version

As businesses worldwide strategize their reopening plans per national and local guidelines, navigating mask mandates is among pressing health-focused considerations. Rather than rebuild security plans around users wearing masks, current and future owners of IXM TITAN can now enable mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask and continue using the solution’s touchless face recognition capabilities with minimal disruption.

“Invixium takes pride in constantly adapting to exceed the market’s expectations,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO & President at Invixium. “Adding mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask is the need of the hour and a natural step as we work with our partners to ensure businesses can reopen safely. We know the world has changed, and we work tirelessly to assure health, safety, security, and productivity for our customers as the market continues to evolve.”

Mask detection enables IXM TITAN to recognize if a visitor or employee is wearing a mask or not, and to inform users without masks to put one on if masks are an entry requirement. Face recognition while wearing a mask is ideal for businesses where employees are required to wear masks, as IXM TITAN can now authenticate with face recognition without asking the user to remove their mask first.

Mask detection and face recognition while wearing a mask work in conjunction with IXM TITAN Enhancement Kit to develop Invixium’s COVID-19 solution. The Enhancement Kit enables IXM TITAN to perform temperature screening at the inner canthus (tear duct) – the most accurate method of touchless body temperature assessment – at a rate of 12 to 15 users per minute with +/- 0.5 ⁰C (0.9 ⁰F) accuracy. With temperature screening and now face recognition while wearing a mask, IXM TITAN is a seamless, touchless solution that enables businesses of all sizes to adhere to new guidelines and reopen as safely as possible.

IXM WEB is a significant update with several exciting new features such as IXM Health, a new licensed feature which pairs with the Enhancement Kit to monitor the health of staff and visitors with temperature-based reporting tools; multiple access card assignment (up to 10 cards per user) so businesses that issue multiple cards to the same user can fully employ TITAN’s card-reading features; noteworthy updates to IXM Link integrations; and customizable workflows for Mask Detection and Face Recognition while Wearing a Mask events.

To best support this IXM WEB update, Invixium will no longer support IXM WEB version 1.x or older. Existing customers will need to upgrade to IXM WEB version to continue receiving technical support.

Invixium customers with an active Annual Support Contract (ASC) will receive this update free of charge. Customers should contact if they have any questions about their ASC status.

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