About Us

The Safety and Security Review Africa is a premier magazine and a major voice within Africa’s Safety and security industry. This is an innovative publication aimed at bringing business executives up-to-date with the latest news, information and trends from across the security industry in Africa. We seek to inform, engage and interact with the executives about key trends, technological advances, modern equipment, operational excellence and prominent leaders throughout the industry. Our magazine is a content-rich and information-driven magazine with its unique style of presentation. It provides comprehensive information on the market and industry, economic and policy issue, scientific advances, latest technology and latest news and analysis on the development in safety and security.

If you have the product or service made for the safety and security industry, the Safety and Security Review Africa will help you reach thousands/millions of these high earning prospects – easily, directly and economically. It’s called targeted, direct distribution and it’s the best way to ensure that your marketing message is reaching its intended audience. Safety and Security Review Africa reaches the heart of Africa and takes your message to the key people – people with buying and decision-making power. 
 Every month, the Safety and Security Review Africa reaches an audience of over 42 800 influential safety and security authorities and key decision-makers through a variety of channels, including an interactive website and print distribution at all major safety and security exhibitions, trade shows and conferences in Africa and across the globe.
The Safety and Security Review Africa is distributed to professionals who are involved in the safety and security industry, international business, and investment in Africa and around the world. These professionals are always looking for new ideas, products and services. With a print run of 22,500 copies per issue, our magazine is printed quarterly and is distributed in both hard copy and electronic version (E-Magazine). 35% distribution is done through corporate and individual subscription, 20% through retail outlets, the rest through safety and security trade shows, expos and events as well as through strategic safety and security unions and associations. Electronic copies are sent via email to our database of 28,500 active online subscribers. Our E-Magazines can also be accessed via our website.
The target audience for the Safety and Safety Review Africa are key decision-makers such as safety and security CEOs and Directors, property owners, real estate managers, civil engineers, electrical contractors, risk management directors, security executives, firefighters, Government departments, Procurement Managers, manufacturing companies, civil defence directors, personnel in charge of security, occupational safety and fire safety at companies, organizations and institutions as well as many other professionals within the safety and security sector in the African region.

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