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AMAG Technology Releases Symmetry CompleteView v5.5

AMAG is happy to announce the release of Symmetry CompleteView VMS v5.5. Symmetry CompleteView v5.5 includes a variety of quality and stability improvements, minor features, and minor updates to the user experience.

Import and Export Camera and Server Configurations

With Symmetry CompleteView v5.5, you can import and export camera configuration with a CSV file. This capability is backwards compatible with 4.x exports and can be used to easily backup, restore, move, or analyze the cameras in a system.

It can also export server configuration into a CSV file. This can be useful in validating deployments and can serve as a project sign-off deliverable.

Notes Feature

Administrators can now add a short note to various entities in CompleteView, including servers, cameras, users, views and more. Much like a Post-it Note, this handy feature makes it easy to remember and communicate changes or custom configurations, especially when working with other administrators.

​​Stability & Quality Improvements

Symmetry CompleteView v5.5 includes a number of stability and quality improvements, such as:

  • Better support for camera-based motion and analytics

  • Increased retention capacity

  • Ability to open and use multiple instances of the client

For more information about Symmetry CompleteView v5.5, visit or contact the sales team at

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