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AnyVision biometrics deployed as touchless workforce management booms

FGF Brands operates the high-tech bakeries that supply food retailers including Starbucks and Walmart, and is using AnyVision biometrics to keep team members safe and its manufacturing operations running.

AnyVision’s Abraxas is providing FGF with facial recognition for access control, and has also integrated a thermal camera with the system to help reduce the risk of COVID-19. The biometric capability was integrated with FGF’s existing time and attendance system via API.

“We chose AnyVision for its state-of-the-art AI driven facial recognition solution which has become a catalyst for other integrations that fuel our workplace safety and efficiency, including time and attendance and thermal temperature checks,” says FGF VP of Data Sciences and Analytics Tom Mansourfar.

“Facial recognition is a technology that is only starting to be harnessed by industry to streamline operations and improve employee safety,” comments AnyVision CEO Avi Golan. “Technology is the heart and soul of FGF and a key solution differentiator. It’s exciting to partner with organizations like FGF who are committed to innovative technologies that are safe, reliable and battle-tested.”

Touchless workforce management solutions launched

A body temperature-scanning kiosk with Dynamic Face Recognition and a built-in HID proximity card reader has been developed by Geek Land, under the Bioscan brand.

The kiosk integrates with building access control systems, provides entrance questionnaires, and supports HIPAA compliance, the company says.

PeopleGuru has launched a touchless time clock solution with face biometrics, geared to mid-market organizations.

The new PeopleGuru Kiosk enables employees to manage their time data with their own mobile device, and provides passive liveness detection to prevent time theft and buddy-punching.

The HoverPunch biometric time clock from Levitec has been launched with palm vein recognition for touchless workforce management.

The solution includes software allowing businesses to review, modify and export data, and is tailored for integration with customer’s existing human resource information systems.

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