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Interface Systems launches Wobot AI for QSR and retail

Interface Systems, a renowned managed service provider of business security, actionable insights, and purpose-built networks for multi-location businesses, announced the launch of the Wobot AI-powered video analytics solution designed specifically for the quick-service restaurant (QSR) and retail industries.

The innovative solution utilises existing security camera infrastructure to deliver real-time insights that enable customers to streamline operations and protect assets.

Interface Systems and Wobot partnership

The partnership with Wobot enables Interface to offer QSRs and retailers a simpler way to make data-driven operational decisions without the complexities of a traditional data analytics solution.

Wobot’s no-code workflow configuration capabilities, AI-enabled checklists to align with industry best practices, and real-time email and Microsoft Teams notifications will help customers accelerate time to value.

Wobot video analytics solution

Interface Systems offers turnkey implementation and maintenance services for Wobot

The solution enhances dine-in and drive-thru experiences for QSRs by identifying service gaps, optimising shift planning, and ensuring compliance with health and safety protocols. Real-time metrics on drive-thru performance and customer wait times can help restaurants improve service speed and customer satisfaction.

The Wobot video analytics solution also gives retailers real-time visibility into customer demand patterns, speed of service, and security compliance.

Interface Systems offers turnkey implementation and maintenance services for Wobot. These include assessing the existing camera infrastructure and network, making necessary upgrades, and designing and deploying the Wobot solution across all customer locations.

Real-time visibility and insights

Interface Systems is dedicated to providing cutting-edge solutions that not only secure our customers’ premises but also enhance their operational efficiencies and deliver great customer experiences,” said Steve Womer, SVP of Engineering at Interface Systems, adding “Our partnership with Wobot enables Interface to meet the unique needs of the retail and QSR brands, offering real-time visibility and insights that drive growth and operational excellence.”

A significant pain point for restaurant chains and retailers has been the dependence on proprietary hardware and closed systems,” said Adit Chhabra, CEO of Wobot, adding “Our solution integrates seamlessly with existing security cameras, offering a frictionless, cost-effective way to gain real-time insights and streamline operations. We are excited to partner with Interface as they are the gold standard for technology innovation for retail and restaurant segments.”

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