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Logos Technologies to supply AFRICOM with hostile fire detection systems

Logos Technologies has agreed with the United States Army and the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) to supply Serenity hostile fire detection (HFD) systems.

The US$19.4 million deal means that hostile fire detection systems will be able to protect Africa Command troops from hostile actors during the five-year contract.

This contract includes the supply, maintenance and support to operate Serenity systems, which weigh 25 to 25kg and can be mounted on towers, aircraft and aerostats.

Doug Rombough, Vice President of Business Development for Logos Technologies said: “By combining electro-optical and acoustic sensors, Serenity can pinpoint the origin of heavy weapons fire and explosions up to 10 kilometres away in any direction and it does so with fewer false positives than standard, single-sensor HFD systems”.

The system can provide 360° coverage over 200sqkm with a combined EO and acoustic detection capability.

Rombough added: “Serenity can cue the WAMI system to a particular area of interest – say, the location of an enemy mortar team –and then the WAMI system can track their movement across the battlefield, as well as ‘go back in time’ and discover their initial staging area.

“[Serenity] has been deployed under an operational needs statement (ONS) and the warfighter is happy with it which is why all our spares have been [supplied]. We have been told there is another ONS being staffed.”

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