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MSA (Mine Safety Appliances) is introducing a groundbreaking solution with the MSA id Tag feature integrated into the ALTAIR io™ 4 Connected Gas Detector.

This promises to revolutionise device accountability and compliance management, addressing critical challenges faced by industries relying on gas detection equipment.

One of the key issues MSA aims to solve is the significant rate of unreturned gas detection devices—estimated at around one in five. This problem underscores the necessity of efficient device tracking and user accountability.

By leveraging the MSA id Tag, organizations can digitally assign devices to specific workers at the start of each shift. This streamlined process not only ensures accurate recordkeeping but also facilitates compliance monitoring and behaviour tracking.

The MSA id Tag operates seamlessly with the ALTAIR io 4 device, offering a user-friendly approach to device assignment. Workers simply tap the MSA id Tag to the ALTAIR io 4 at the beginning of their shift, instantly linking the device to their profile.

This digital assignment remains active until the device is returned, simplifying the checkout and return process compared to traditional manual methods.

MSA+ subscription options allow organisations to tailor their plan to specific needs, empowering them with actionable insights derived from device usage patterns and alarm response data.

The integration of MSA id Tag with the ALTAIR io 4 Connected Gas Detector represents a significant advancement in device accountability and compliance management.

By tapping into this innovative solution, industries can elevate their safety standards and ensure optimal performance of critical gas detection equipment.

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