Intruder Detection

The need for intrusion detection system for warehouses

Businesses that have large warehouses in different locations are under the continuous threat of unwanted intrusion. When the business warehouses have multiple access points, the vulnerabilities of the warehouses also get magnified. These intrusions can cause serious damage to the warehouses and therefore they must be safeguarded. Businesses earlier used to employ several security guards around the premises of warehouses to reduce intrusion. Then with time CCTVs cameras came into the picture that was a better and more effective measure to keep the intrusion low. However, these measures were not enough and thus there is a need for a more advanced and innovative solution. This, therefore, led to the advent of intrusion detection and prevention systems.

This system helps in taking the use of CCTVs a step further. This is because this system captures the video through internet protocol and also stores them on the cloud server. The intrusion system makes use of the sensor that sends alerts and notifications when there is some sort of threatening activity takes place.Various problems can be resolved by the use of this system. Some of the common problems or issues faced by the warehouses are mentioned as below:

  • Vandalisms: Warehouses are used as storage spaces where products are stored before sending them to other places. The products stored by warehouses are of all ranges. Any damage to these can cause serious damage to the business. As these products or items are of so much importance they are highly prone to vandalism. The businesses need a solution to protect themselves from such intrusion and vandalism.
  • Shrinkage: Ineffective management of warehouses is threatening to any business as it can lead to shrinkage and pilferage of items. This is what every business tries to ignore as it can be harmful to the business. Besides this, the warehouses are also prone to the threat of internal theft or displacement of products to the wrong location. Thus businesses need regulation solutions to overcome such issues.
  • Sexual Harassment: Sexual harassment is a sinful activity but sadly this is very common especially at the workplace. The warehouses are no exceptions which thus create a need for a well-structured system where the chances of this illegal and wrongful activity can be eliminated. Such a system will produce the evidence to get the catch of the culprits.
  • Delayed Operations: Everyone working in the warehouses must always be on their toes to get the work completed. No one can afford the consequences of delayed operations. There is, therefore, the need for a mechanism that keep eye on the activities so that everything seamlessly takes place.
  • Accidents: Accidents are a common sight in a warehouse but the business must ensure that safety protocols are duly followed as any mistake in this regard can be a cause of major accidents. There must be continuous monitoring to solve this issue.
  • Unproductivity Activity: The warehouse employees must be serious in their work so that overall productivity can be enhanced for this they must be under the constant eye of the management. When the business owns a large number of warehouses at multiple locations, this issue becomes more serious, and to overcome such issue is employing the right system in the warehouses.

These are some of the common issues that business warehouses faced daily. These issues have the potential to harm the working of the warehouses in seamless manner. These issues can be duly solved with the right of intrusion and detection system. This system has gained popularity and why not. There are various benefits of using the intrusion detection system for warehouses. Some of these are mentioned as below:

  • Continuous Monitoring: The intrusion detection system works 24X7 to provide the highest level of protection to the warehouses which were earlier not possible with traditional methods. There exists no such day where these systems will not work. It does not matter whether there is a national holiday, lockdown, curfews, etc. this system will always be looking over the warehouse thus not giving any chance for threatening activity to take place.
  • Flexibility: The intrusion system can be installed at any part of warehouses i.e. entry-exits, corridors, etc. Various areas can be included where you feel the chances of intrusion are high. Also with this technique, one can easily zoom in to get enough details for finding any intruder. The technology of intrusion systems is highly flexible that can serve different needs of their users.
  • Alerts: The best part about the intrusion system is its in-built alert and notification technology which makes the authorized people aware of any suspicious or threatening activity that can cause damage to the business warehouses. This will allow the security personnel to take timely action and get hold of the intruder.
  • Preventing unauthorized access: There are certain key areas in warehouses where only authorized personnel can enter and no one even if you are an employee of the business. The intrusion detection system ensures that only the required personnel enter and no one by its recording of footage and thus action can be easily taken against those who fail to follow this.
  • Tamper Detection: Today’s intruders have become more intelligent and before making their way to the warehouses, they ensure that all the cables are cut, cameras are destroyed, etc. But with the intrusion prevention system such a situation is handled in a much better way as in case of unexpectedly tempering of devices, the authorized personnel will be sent the alert so that remedial step is taken

Hence these are benefits of deploying intrusion detection system softwarein business warehouses. This system will transform the working of your warehouses business in a more effective and efficient manner. It is important for the business for enjoying the benefits of the system is to ensure that they rely on the services of experienced and reputed vendor. This will ensure that your warehouses one of the best intrusion systems providing all the required services that will ensure maximum security and safety to your warehouse premises. Thus choose the right system from right vendor.

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