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TRASSIR surveillance technologies offer immediate threat response to educational institutions in Africa

TRASSIR is an AI Video surveillance, security systems and software developer. Since its launch in 2002, TRASSIR has grown to become a global supplier that boasts a presence in more than 42 countries. Our key principle is that modern security solutions should be engineered based on the concept of deep future-proofing and wide-spread compatibility between all system components.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, educational institutions in many regions including Africa are increasingly adopting artificial intelligence technologies for safety and security purposes, such as responding more quickly to security risks, identifying red flags immediately and monitoring people on campus in real time.

Schools and universities are important educational institutions that require a careful approach to safety and comfort. They usually have a large number of visitors of a certain age and therefore have high security and accessibility requirements. A successful TRASSIR project equipped the Kinshasa State School in DR Congo, where cases of rule violations and episodes of bad behavior led the administration to consider the use of a CCTV surveillance system. 47 TRASSIR bullet cameras and 13 PTZ cameras, combined with TRASSIR NVR NeuroStation 8800R/64 were installed to create a system that monitors unwanted gatherings of people and helps respond quickly to incidents and unusual behavior patterns. The main task there was to build a security system from scratch and provide the school’s security staff with a visibility of the school territory.

After installing the cameras, the school was able to reduce the number of violations and maintain much better control over the school grounds, and now there is always irrefutable evidence if incidents occur.

TRASSIR ACS (Access Control System) is another technology that can help protect the students from break-ins, vandalism, or unauthorized access and create safer environment. The power of TRASSIR ACS is in protecting a facility from intrusion of unauthorized persons with the help of TRASSIR Facial Recognition systems and photo-ID widget. Another popular feature of TRASSIR ACS is the system of parental notifications about a child’s arrival and departure from school. As soon as a child crosses the access point of an educational institution, a message is sent to the email and/or phone number associated with the child, usually parents’ email or Telegram.

It is a common situation when there is already some security equipment in place. TRASSIR ACS can work not only with its own equipment, but also with biometric data recognition terminals from other manufacturers. Our engineers can always find the optimal way to use the already installed system and implement a new one to solve even more complicated tasks.

Today, there is a global focus on security. This is undoubtedly related to the safety of educational institutions. However, the adoption of AI is not without its challenges. Concerns about privacy, data protection, and the ethical use of surveillance technologies must be carefully navigated. TRASSIR has a long history of providing security solutions around the world, and we look forward to using the lessons learned from completed projects to contribute to greater security and safety in Africa. As TRASSIR continues to explore the potential of AI, it’s clear to us that its role in reshaping the future of security in educational facilities is just the beginning.

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