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OS Malevich 2.10: Software winning the fight against false alarms

OS Malevich 2.10 brings the world’s best practices in countering false alarms to the Ajax security system. With this software, the system gained the compliances required for PD 6662:2017 — a document that applies European standards for intrusion and hold-up alarm systems in the UK. Moreover, systems with OS Malevich 2.10 broaden the potential application for scenarios, communicate with users in more languages, and protect the UNESCO World Heritage Site in Bergen with fire detection.

The British Experience

ajax malevich

In the UK, the police respond to security alerts

The British market’s distinctiveness is that the police react to alarms, and every unnecessary dispatch means a negative use of an expensive resource. Repeated false alarms can lead to monitoring being withdrawn. That is why in OS Malevich 2.10, we have implemented the best features for countering false alarms and responsible use of intrusion & hold-up alarm systems. A full guide on setting up the system to comply with PD 6662: 2017 can be found here. Below we will briefly outline each feature:

  • Alarm confirmation. The system transmits to an Alarm Receiving Centre a separate event to confirm the alarm. The system can generate a confirmed alarm condition when multiple intrusion events or hold-up devices are triggered. When setting up the system, an installer selects the devices whose activation leads to confirmation and sets the time interval for alarms. The feature is located in the service settings of the hub.

    ajax malevich

    Alarm confirmation menu in the mobile app for PROs

  • An emergency button with ultimate protection against accidental clicks. With OS Malevich 2.10, the system supports DoubleButton, a new hold-up device by Ajax Systems. DoubleButton will raise the alarm only if both buttons are pressed simultaneously — a special barrier prevents accidental activation. Dust and splashes do not impact the device operation. The emergency button can be safely carried in a pocket as a key fob or hung around a neck. For quick access, DoubleButton can be fixed using Holder.
    ajax malevich
    Also, DoubleButton can generate a confirmed hold-up alarm event. To do this, the buttons must be pressed twice in a different way (short and long press), or two DoubleButtons used.

    Video Player



  • System restoration after alarm. The feature prevents Ajax from arming after previously being triggered. To arm the system, the incident must be checked and the system restored by an authorized user (PRO or administrator). This feature helps engineers to track the system condition because an alarm means that the object has been attacked or the system works incorrectly. The types of alarms to be restored are specified when configuring the hub.

    ajax malevich

    According to standards, security alarms require a professional inspection


    Feature is supported by: StreetSiren/StreetSiren DoubleDeck with firmware 3.72 and higher; HomeSiren with firmware and higher; KeyPad with firmware from 4.52.0 to 4.99.0.

  • Two-stage arming. The feature splits the arming process into two stages: initiation and finishing. Users can initiate arming using a control device (SpaceControl or KeyPad ). In this case, the system will be armed when a Second-Stage Device is triggered. For instance, when closing the door on which DoorProtect is installed. Users can also initiate arming from the Ajax app: in this case, the system will be armed if no detectors are triggered within a specified time.
  • Selective system integrity check. Installers can select states of the hub included in the integrity check when arming the system. This eliminates unnecessary checks, for example, in the event of a broken tamper button or interruptions in the hub’s external power supply.

    ajax malevich

    The screen for configuring the system integrity check in the Ajax PRO app

    ???? What is system integrity check

  • Devices auto deactivation. The feature allows the system to ignore detector events if it has not returned to its initial state within a specified time. This feature is useful if the detector is damaged or incorrectly installed, and there is no physical access to the protected object. Find this feature in the service settings of the hub.
  • Alarm transmission delay when disarming. The feature allows postponing the alarm communication if the Delay When Entering has expired and the security system has not been disarmed. When the entry delay expires, the system raises an alarm locally: it activates the connected sirens but does not transmit an alarm event to an ARC. This provides users with additional time to disarm the system without a false alarm sent to a monitoring station. The feature also allows using KeyPad (which only activates after the entry delays have expired) as an alternative disarming device. The feature is configured in the service settings of the hub: the Arming/disarming process menu.

    New OS Malevich 2.10 features, which relate to the system compliance with PD 6662:2017, are configured only in Ajax PRO apps.

Guarding Cultural Heritage

We previously reported that Ajax Systems, together with Elotec, a Norwegian distributor of security systems and manufacturer of wired fire alarms, will implement fire safety in the Bergen downtown.

ajax malevich

Timber buildings in the center of Bergen, Norway

As part of this project, the Ajax R&D team implemented delays for the interconnected fire alarm (synchronous alarms of fire detectors) and the transmission of the alarm event to a monitoring station — all made in order to minimize unnecessary dispatches of fire brigades. Users can delay the alarm from 1 to 5 minutes using the app, by tapping on the triggered fire detector’s logo, or using Button and KeyPad with the appropriate settings. With OS Malevich 2.10, this feature is available on all Ajax hubs.

Video Player

The feature is supported by FireProtect and FireProtect Plus detectors with firmware version 3.42 and higher

More Helpful Features

  • Switching the state of an automation device by Button command. When creating a scenario for controlling RelaySocket or WallSwitch via Button, you can set up not just a specific Switch on/off action but also Switch the contacts state to the opposite. This allows the smart button to be used as a remote switch, set one scenario instead of two, and make scenarios even more convenient.
    ???? How to create and configure a scenario in the Ajax security system
  • Sirens indication after alarm. The feature allows you to see if any alarms have been registered in the system during the armed period: connected sirens flash every few seconds until the system is disarmed. When setting up, you can configure the alarms’ types, which sirens will indicate: confirmed alarms, unconfirmed alarms, or lid openings.

    Feature is supported by: StreetSiren/StreetSiren DoubleDeck with firmware 3.72 and higher; HomeSiren with firmware and higher.

  • Transmitting an alarm restore to an ARC. Now there is an option to configure when the event of detector restoration (return to the initial state after being triggered) will be sent to the monitoring station: immediately (by default) or when the security system is disarmed.
  • Besides features, we have added support for 7 new SMS notification languages: Bulgarian, Croatian, Hungarian, Macedonian, Romanian, Serbian, and Slovenian.

How to Get the Update

All Ajax hubs will receive OS Malevich 2.10 within four weeks of the official release. The update is installed automatically when the security system is disarmed, and the hub is connected to the external power supply. If you have not received the update, check if the automatic software update is enabled in the hub’s settings. If you have any difficulties with this, our support team is ready to help 24/7.

To get the update on a priority basis, please fill out the form.

To use all the new features, do not forget to update the Ajax app.

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