AARONIA dominates visitor interest at U.T.SEC special area with AARTOS drone detection system

When it comes to perimeter protection, drone detection and defense now plays a central role in most cases. Whether it is to protect company premises or military training grounds from espionage or to secure critical infrastructures in the supply or transport sector from vandalism or terrorist attacks. For security experts and officers, protection against accidentally or intentionally illegally use of drones has become an integral part of modern security concepts. This goes hand in hand with the fact that political framework conditions are indispensable both for the use of drones and for their detection and defense. Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann, among others, got an idea of the possibilities of state-of-the-art drone detection and defense at the AARONIA AG stand.

In comparison to the systems of the competitors, AARTOS offers some key unique selling points. The system not only determines the position and speed of drones, but also their flight altitude. It guarantees the high-speed localization of drone activities. To do this, it scans the entire frequency spectrum, including simultaneous scans of different frequencies, and thus makes it possible to locate all drones, not just commercially available ones. AARTOS enables real-time positioning not only of the drone but also of its operator. This is a decisive advantage when it comes to the fast, successful, and lawful defense against dangerous situations. AARONIA’s own software solution RTSA-Suite PRO plays a decisive role in this. Because the powerful real-time spectrum analysis software enables the integration of a wide variety of hardware components for evaluation and thus guarantees simple, efficient, and optimal use of the respective system.

The world market leader AARONIA AG presented more than 400 security and safety specialists in expert consultations and with many demos on the possible applications of the various AARTOS systems at the booth to show how tailor-made solutions for the most different requirements can look like. From the AARTOS DDS X2, which is suitable, for example, to protect prisons, boarder lines or events, to the AARTOS DDS X9 Pro, which is used, among other things, to protect airports or curtail military and government terrain, AARONIA AG showed the entire range of their solutions.”The great interest of the specialist audience in our solutions shows us, on the one hand, the increasing demand in all security-relevant sectors. On the other hand, it confirms that we can optimally serve the most diverse needs with our modular solutions,” says Thorsten Chmielus, CEO and founder of AARONIA AG. “Precision, accuracy and reliability, combined with simple, needs-based operation are exactly what AARTOS offers its customers and what they value.”

In addition to the AARTOS Mobile App, which not only provides an overview of the current status but also enables control over the entire system, the two mobile solutions were a particular crowd puller. A transporter with a completely integrated system, which acts completely autonomously and is ready for use in a few minutes, as well as the shelter solution on a Unimog, which also contains a complete AARTOS system and can be supplemented with all available components, such as cameras, loudspeakers or jammers.


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With more than 200 installations worldwide, AARTOS is the most successful anti-drone system on the planet. The system, which has been in use since 2015, is currently in its 6th generation and is constantly being further developed to always be one step ahead of drones. These facts make AARTOS the best form of protection against unauthorized drone use in safety-critical environments.



Founded in 2003, Aaronia AG is an internationally renowned, high-tech company known for

measurement, tracking and surveillance technologies. Thanks to our amazing team, products and numerous international patents, Aaronia offers powerful and intelligent drone detection and defense systems with extremely high range, precision and reliability. Aaronia AG develops, manufactures, tests and calibrates its products exclusively in Germany.


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