Announces Two New Business Units to Support Continued Growth

NP Aerospace is pleased to announce the creation of two separate business units to support the continued growth of the company. Under the leadership of owner and CEO James Kempston, NP Aerospace is now operating as NP Aerospace Vehicle Systems, Services and Spares and NP Aerospace Composites and Armour Systems.

NP Aerospace’s Vehicle Systems, Services and Spares business unit will be located at the Red Lane Facility in Coventry, UK, and will provide support for the global expansion of the company’s military vehicle engineering and support operation. This business unit will be led by David Petheram, Managing Director & Senior Vice President, who has extensive technical military and automotive experience having worked for General Dynamics and Alvis.

NP Aerospace’s Composites and Armour Systems business unit will continue to operate out of the Foleshill Road Facility in Coventry UK, and will support further growth of the company’s personal protection, platform armour, and commercial composites product lines. This business unit will be led by Peter Hardisty, Managing Director & Senior Vice President, who has a wealth of experience in the military and commercial sectors and has held senior positions at Marshalls and Rheinmetall.

Left to right: David Petheram and Peter Hardisty

NP Aerospace is committed to delivering the highest quality products and services to its customers and the industry as a whole. The new business units and promotions of David Petheram and Peter Hardisty represent a significant step forward and will enable the company to provide even greater value to customers, introduce new technologies and capabilities and further the overall growth of NP Aerospace globally.

NP Aerospace employs over 250 people across its UK and Canadian operations and is excited about the future opportunities these changes will bring.

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