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Airbnb bans surveillance cameras inside rental properties

Airbnb has announced a global prohibition on the installation of security cameras inside its rental properties. This update to the company’s policies is slated to take effect by the end of the upcoming month.

The initiative by the popular lodging service platform is designed to streamline its stance on the use of surveillance cameras, with a strong emphasis on enhancing guest privacy.

Concerns raised by Airbnb users regarding indoor surveillance have prompted this policy revision.

Juniper Downs, Airbnb’s Head of Community Policy and Partnerships, stated, “In response to feedback from our community of guests, hosts, and privacy experts, we’ve updated our policies. We are committed to continuous dialogue with our community to ensure our policies effectively serve everyone involved.”

Downs noted that the update is expected to affect only a minor fraction of the platform’s listings, as the majority do not feature security cameras.

Previously, Airbnb’s policies permitted cameras in common spaces like living rooms and hallways, provided they were clearly indicated in the property’s listing.

The revised policy further restricts the use of exterior cameras that could capture images inside the property, while still permitting doorbell cameras and noise monitoring devices in common areas, which must be disclosed in the listing.

This policy overhaul aims to strike a balance between allowing hosts to secure their properties and monitor for issues like unauthorized gatherings, and safeguarding the privacy of guests.

This policy announcement follows a satirical sketch on the US comedy show which joked about hidden cameras in an Airbnb rental, highlighting the relevance and timing of Airbnb’s updated privacy measures.


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