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Bosch FLEXIDOME 5100i fixed cameras

The FLEXIDOME 5100i fixed cameras improve building security and operational efficiency with the new Intelligent Video Analytics Pro (IVA Pro) Buildings Pack. Based on deep learning, these video analytics support reliable intrusion detection and accurate people counting in crowded areas, especially in and around buildings. With the new FLEXIDOME 5100i, you get high-image quality for 24/7 performance, thanks to starlight, HDR, and intelligent infrared (IR) illumination. The cameras employ an improved three-step installation concept and require no calibration for person or vehicle detection, saving installers valuable time.


Ensure advanced intrusion detection in and around buildings, thanks to deep learning combined with high-image quality. Get 24/7 imaging performance outdoors, even in challenging lighting.


Significantly reduce false alarms and time and expense of operators investigating the problem.

Expand the applications of the camera with tailor-made video analytics and create new revenue streams for your business.


Fast and easy installation and commissioning with zero calibration for detecting persons and vehicles also saves time and money.


Reduce energy consumption and carbon footprint with remote access and maintenance.


Keep systems and sensitive video data safe with the highest levels of security and built-in quality.

Seamless integration

Take advantage of IVA Pro data for alarm scripting or event-based recording, thanks to seamless integration with leading video management systems.

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