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FirePro is proud to announce the launch of its Vehicle Fire Suppression System

FirePro is proud to announce the launch of its Vehicle Fire Suppression System – VELEX. This effective solution was developed by the FirePro R&D and Engineering Departments and offers automatic fire detection and automatic / manual fire suppression of multiple types of vehicle engines.

The development of this new system was driven by strong market demand for smarter solutions in vehicle fire suppression technology. Vehicles are susceptible to fire due to their use of flammable liquids, lubricating oils, fuel, grease, and hydraulic fluids. Fire carries the risk of loss of human lives, costly repairs or replacement of valuable equipment, expensive downtime, and the possible loss of the vehicle altogether.

VELEX is a certified UNECE R107 fire suppression system. It has the enhanced ability to detect any fire in the engine bay, and promptly suppresses it by using a unique, eco-friendly dual extinguishing action (hybrid) system. The non-pressurized system offers unparalleled safety and has minimum maintenance requirements, making it ideal for vehicles that are always on the go. Its extinguishing agent cylinder size and control panel models can be customized according to a vehicle’s specifications.

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