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Johnson Controls launches NG-2 Nitrogen Generator

A new product designed to extend the life of fire sprinkler systems has been launched by Johnson Controls.

The NG-2 Nitrogen Generator, Standalone, is a standalone system with a single capacity of up to 5800 gallons (21,955 liters) and is FM Approved and CE Compliant.

The NG-2 Nitrogen Generator is packed with features, including an interactive LCD touchscreen display and a suite of tools to help installers and operators manage the operation and maintenance seamlessly.

The system is designed to protect diverse facilities and to suit varying levels of expertise, making it ideal for installers and end-users.

One of the enhanced features of the NG-2 Nitrogen Generator is the patented fill-and-purge breathing method, which allows the vent to be installed on the riser.

The system also includes simplified diagnostics with detailed tracking of setting changes, cycles, runtime, pressure, alarms, and more, with an early warning for out-of-spec running conditions.

The NG-2 Nitrogen Generator is intuitive, compact, and dependable corrosion mitigation, and includes NG-2 1150, 1500, 2000, and 3000 models.

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