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MotionCam Outdoor: photo verification goes beyond premises

MotionCam Outdoor by Ajax Systems, the new wireless outdoor motion detector with a built-in camera, saves users’ nerves and prevents security companies from unnecessary patrol dispatches. Instant and accurate intrusion detection, ultra-low power consumption, clear photos in all weathers, day and night — everything to deliver pro-grade outdoor security.

Technology against false alarms

MotionCam Outdoor is equipped with a system of two IR-sensors, which, thanks to the LISA software algorithm, detect human motion with high accuracy at a distance of up to 15 meters. LISA performs correlation and spectral signal analysis, which allows the detector to instantly distinguish the real threat from interferences.

When an intruder steps into your territory, the system raises an alarm immediately. Depending on the settings, the alarm is followed by a series of 2 to 5 photos. Photo verifications are displayed in Ajax apps to the users who have permission for this. 

Ajax team has developed a specialized camera to make the images informative even in difficult lighting conditions. A wide-angle lens in a metal enclosure with glass optics gives a clear picture with a 50О viewing angle. In bright light, an infrared filter is automatically applied, and a powerful infrared backlight is activated in the dark. These measures ensure detailed images with correct color reproduction and without edge distortions.

A tool worthy of a pro

MotionCam Outdoor is a treasure for installation engineers and monitoring companies. To add a detector to the system, it is enough to scan a QR-code with the Ajax app, name it and assign a room. An engineer can easily mount the detector with a SmartBracket and configure it in the app using the detection zone and signal strength tests without disassembling the enclosure. If necessary, MotionCam Outdoor can be temporarily disabled or its system settings can be changed without site visits.

Reliability at the core

MotionCam Outdoor is a Grade-2 professional equipment. An advanced anti-masking system responds to covering the body and painting over the lenses. A tamper will instantly alert you of an attempt to open the enclosure or dismounting a detector from a SmartBracket. And short ping intervals by a hub help to detect the communication loss in less than a minute, even if the security system is disarmed.

The detector electronics are ready for sudden temperature changes, and a special hood is provided to protect the masking sensors from rain and snow. Despite a built-in camera and two infrared sensors, MotionCam Outdoor operates for up to 3 years from a pre-installed battery. Such autonomy, combined with a weatherproof body and a communication range of up to 1,700 meters from a hub, allows MotionCam Outdoor to protect the most remote areas of property.


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