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Brandschutztechnik Müller is one of the leading German manufacturers of fire extinguisher test techniques. Founded in 1980, the company has 65 employees at three locations. As a classic mechanical engineering company, the company manufactures equipment for the production, inspection and service of fire extinguishers.  An additional business segment is the trade with fire protection equipment, which, for example, also offers the Quicklight lighting unit developed in-house.

PowderSuctionMachine as the cornerstone

In 1980, company founder Herbert Müller laid the foundation for the company’s success with a powder suction machine. Meanwhile, Brandschutztechnik Müller produces a wide range of filling devices for fire extinguishers, the corresponding test and measuring devices as well as tools and innovative high-pressure fire extinguishing units. The range also includes carbon dioxide filling units, hydrant testing pumps and flow meters for riser pipes and hydrants.

Used in more than 90 countries

All of the family business’s products come from its two locations in Zierenberg in northern Hesse and one in Günthersleben in Thuringia. All the necessary individual parts are manufactured exclusively in Germany. Voluntary fire brigades, professional and factory fire brigades as well as service companies in far more than 90 countries rely on the high quality of Brandschutztechnik Müller for testing units and accessories.

Specialized trade for fire protection equipment

More than 11,000 articles are available through the specialized trade for fire protection equipment of Brandschutztechnik Müller GmbH. The range extends from personal protective equipment to hydraulic rescue equipment and the in-house developed universal lighting units Quicklight as well as Quicklight LEDmini, which are portable and ready for immediate use. As many Müller employees are active in volunteer fire brigades themselves, customers benefit from practical know how and an intensive expert dialogue.


Brandschutztechnik Müller GmbH

Kasseler Strasse 37-39

D-34289 Zierenberg, Germany

Phone +49 (0) 5606 . 51 82 50

Fax +49 (0) 5606 . 51 82 55




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