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Tascent Unveils New Office Access Control Solution

Tascent is filling out its portfolio with a new access control solution designed specifically for office spaces. InSight Access is part of the company’s InSight line of facial recognition products, which includes the InSight Face and InSight One solutions.

Tascent Unveils New Office Access Control Solution

While InSight Face is designed for large-scale venues like airports and commercial facilities, InSight Access is geared toward more limited corporate use cases. However, the new solution still offers the same high-throughput capabilities. The platform can be integrated with existing infrastructure, and comes with all of the hardware and software needed for a comprehensive end-to-end access control setup.

Once installed, InSight Access enables secure access control via facial recognition. The biometric match is carried out on-device, and uses liveness detection to guard against spoofing. The management software gives administrators the ability to monitor individual users and individual devices, and allows them to view an auditable record of access events through Tascent’s centralized cloud portal.

For employees, InSight Access offers several registration options. People can either import a face image that is already on file, or they can use a Tascent mobile app to capture and submit a new image to the platform. Tascent’s Professional Services team can also set up a fully managed onboarding system for companies that would prefer a custom approach.

InSight Access was designed with an eye toward privacy, so individual employees will need to opt in regardless of their chosen enrollment method. By the same token, registered users will be able to view the personal and biometric information associated with their account, which ensures a greater level of transparency. The InSight Access management service is available as a monthly subscription, with Tascent providing ongoing hosting and support in addition to the necessary hardware and software.

The new solution is being rolled out alongside a major InSight Face hardware and software update. Tascent displayed InSight Access at Booth 609 at this week’s Connect:ID event in Washington, DC.

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