What Does Best-in-Class Security Look Like?

The global security industry is set to grow again in 2024, and security screening technology is no exception to that rule. Schools, factories, and hospitals are increasingly adopting technologies that have historically been more common in airports, prisons, and sports stadiums. The reasons are diverse – some want to guard against theft of company property, while others aim to protect the lives of patrons and staff. For these industries, the preferred solution is metal detection. Walk-through and hand-held detectors form the backbone of global security screening by providing affordable, reliable technology with a proven track record and an unmatched value proposition.

These trusted technologies have continued to evolve to face the new challenges of the modern security landscape. Introducing the latest walk-through metal detection solution from Garrett Metal Detectors: Paragon. Paragon is a culmination of Garrett’s 60 years of metal detection experience and 40 years of experience in the world of security screening. This new detector brings enhanced detection capabilities and best in class security features to your screening checkpoint, no matter the facility. Security professionals looking for a walkthrough that is powerful, easy-to-use, and adaptable need look no further.

Critical to the success of any screening technology is detection capability, and Paragon has it in spades. Garrett remains committed to real security through superior detection. A detector that fails to detect is not fit for purpose. Paragon improves on its highly certified predecessor, the PD 6500i, by doubling its signal-to-noise ratio and its zone count. This means it can detect smaller objects in even noisier environments, and it can pinpoint those objects across 66 zones – an industry best. If you are looking for a detector that can find small threats, Paragon is for you.

A powerful detector is necessary, but Paragon also helps supervisors and staff succeed with a diverse new set of ease-of-use features. Our Zero Touch NFC technology means that users can touchlessly change settings, enter passwords, and sync groups of walkthroughs together. Hot-swappable batteries give Paragon unlimited stamina for cordless operating conditions, especially when changing out batteries is as easy as pushing a button. OLED Menu displays grant excellent visibility in all lighting conditions, but their enhanced menu resolution also means that the translation options are limitless, even allowing languages that read right-to-left or bottom-to-top. If you are looking for a detector that is simple to use in a wide variety of operating conditions, Paragon is for you.

There is more to Paragon than its detection and ease-of-use. Its diverse and enhanced feature set means that more users than ever before will find the feature they need to succeed in Paragon. The industry exclusive Ambiscan feature lets Paragon set different programs and sensitivities depending on the direction of traffic. Catch weapons coming in and company property going out. Paragon also has IP 65 particle and liquid protection, so it can operate indoors or outdoors in all weather conditions. An internally mounted charger means your secondary screening device can be safely stored onsite and still be ready to scan when the checkpoint is active. If you are looking for a detector that adapts to your specific security needs, Paragon is for you.

The security market is evolving, but these factors – power, ease-of-use, and adaptability – are timeless. Garrett Metal Detectors aims to provide modern security technology that addresses timeless needs. Our detectors are all proudly Made in the USA according to an ISO:9001 certified process out of our factory in Garland, Texas. Paragon, like all of Garrett’s detector products, comes standard with an industry-leading 36-month warranty. If you are looking for a new security metal detector and you want to have confidence in the quality of your solution, look no further. Paragon has arrived.

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