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Comm Port’s new COMMBOX adds modular versatility to ease design, installation, and integration of UVIS Deployment

Simplification is unquestionably a desirable trait. We equate simplification to efficiency, clarity of purpose, and ease of usability. In the manufacturing world of commercial hardware simplification makes for good marketing spawning with such phrases as “Plug and Play”, “Off the Shelf Ready”, and the alluring “One Size Fits All”.  However, in our endeavor to achieve simplification we can easily over reach and find ourselves narrowing our target market rather by not account for the diversity, unique needs, and dynamic environments which are the reality of projects in the security and defense marketplace.

The balance seems to lie in the concept of Modular Versatility. Wherein the basic tenets and workings of individual “simple” hardware and singular purpose equipment modules are used in an exchangeable and interconnected manner to create a linked and flexible design capable of adaptation and expansion.

Under Vehicle Inspection Systems (UVIS) and Under Vehicle Surveillance Systems (UVSS) themselves are often modular puzzle pieces to a larger overarching security and defense system plan. As such successful deployments and designs demand that modularity be present in the native architecture as well as the hardware itself. To that end, Comm Port Technologies Inc. has spent countless hours working with its dealers and integrators during on-site physical site installation and commissioning to gather real world data in designing its new Communications Box (COMMBOX) which is now included with every CPAS system package.

The Comm Port COMMBOX is an all-weather outdoor IP67 rated steel enclosure with sun shielding, high efficiency ventilation, and preinstalled water tight cabling glands. This custom enclosure is populated from the factory with IP based I/O controllers, loop detection module, relay modules, wire distribution strips, and power supplies as per the customers’ requirements. A twin rail mounting design also leaves room for mounting extra hardware that might be needed at site which may include fiber optic RX/TX equipment, PoE injectors, twisted cable baluns, KVM extension equipment, network switches as well as other custom items a particular site installation might demand.

Embracing the concept of Modular Versatility, the COMMBOX provides a key tool and essential component to not only the operation of the CPAS UVIS system but for the integration and connection to 3rd party systems and communication schemes but facilitates adaptability for the installer and end user based on their current and future needs in an every changing security environment.  Whether in the manufacturing of equipment, the design and drawing stage, the creation of concept of operations, or the physical installation of systems. Modular Versatility is a proven asset in the deployment of any successful project.

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