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Partnership aims to lower the cost barriers to entry for smart city programmes

Itron and Key Equipment Finance are launching a flexible financing programme that aims to help cities and utilities which are in need of critical upgrades but may not have the funds to invest.

Itron hopes to make smart city initiatives more accessible through its funding programme

Critical infrastructure and services company Itron is joining forces with Key Equipment Finance to launch a funding programme that aims to reduce the barriers to entry for smart city and smart community programmes.

Key Equipment Finance is a division of KeyBank and one of the largest bank-based equipment finance providers in the US.

In addition to the new flexible financing programme, Key Government Finance, a subsidiary of KeyBank and a leader in municipal funding, is providing financing for Itron’s municipality customers in the US for smart city technologies and services.

Critical upgrades

By adding finance to its offering, Itron hopes to help cities and utilities which are in need of critical upgrades but may not have the funds to invest.

Key Equipment Finance’s in-house specialists will work with Itron sales engineers to provide hands-on customer support to help shorten sales cycles, enhance end-user satisfaction and improve financial metrics.

“When customers consider Itron technologies and services, they also want guidance on how to pay for those solutions,” said Mark de Vere White, senior vice president of customer and market experience at Itron.

He added: “Itron understands the challenges and complexities of modernising critical infrastructure, and a barrier for many cities is often the financing. Our financing programme with Key Equipment Finance removes that barrier for our customers to acquire the solutions they need.

“Itron’s smart city solutions, intelligent street lighting and central management software improve municipal services, lower carbon emissions, create safer neighbourhoods and enhance the quality of life for citizens. With Key Equipment Finance’s service, we will move our industry forward in sustainability.”

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