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Seagate Expansion hard drives offer quick, easy and portable storage when you need it most

Storage has quickly become the most important consideration when it comes to selecting a piece of consumer hardware. Invariably the more storage it has, the more you can do with said device, especially when it comes to smartphones and notebooks.

With content creation and consumption at all time highs, any savvy tech-obsessed consumer out there is in need of a portable hard drive, particularly as manufacturers can only squeeze so much memory into a phone.

It’s not simply the world of mobile that makes a case for owning a dependable portable hard drive though, as there are a myriad uses, all of which are contingent upon having access to the right kind of device.

High capacity

Having carved out a name for itself in recent years for its reliability Seagate is a brand that many consumers reach for when it comes to hard drives, and its Expansion range is one of the leading offerings in the lineup when it comes to value for money and performance.

The Expansion and Expansion+ portable hard drives are large capacity models, starting at an already substantial 1TB and going up to 5TB. As such, there is more than enough memory on offer in the range regardless of what your portable storage needs may be.

This means that Seagate’s large capacity portable hard drives are perfect for content creators or gamers, both of whom work with massive amounts of data.

To put that in perspective, the entry-level 1TB portable hard drive can store up to 1 000 hours of digital video, or 250 two-hour movies, or 320 000 digital images, or 16 660 hours of music. When it comes to media then, the Seagate Expansion range will have you covered.

Content, content, content

A graphic artist or professional photographer for example is working with hundreds and thousands of images on a regular basis, all of which need to be in the highest resolution possible and, as a result, a standard 250GB or 500GB hard drive simply isn’t going to cut it.

Modern AAA gaming titles too are large, with some going over the 80GB or 90GB range. Depending on the size of your library, the storage available will soon run out, necessitating the need for a sizeable portable hard drive to save games on.

To that end the Expansion range is compatible with both the Xbox One and PlayStation 4 consoles, which makes access to additional storage a breeze when needed.

Other notable features include USB 3.0 connectivity to ensure fast file transfer speeds, Seagate has also made its Expansion and Expansion+ hard drives USB 2.0 backwards compatible, so it won’t be an issue if you’re working with older hardware.

Small office

Added to this is no need to be plugged into power in order to operate, along with featuring its own built-in power management system to ensure energy is utilised efficiently.

These additional features also hold value for businesses that may not be able to invest in larger and more expensive storage solutions.

The home office in particular is great example of the type of environment where the Seagate Expansion hard drives can thrive, whether it be hooked up to the office router to allow all workers on the network to access data, or simply a solution to conduct important backups onto.

Whatever your data storage needs are, the Seagate Expansion range can assist.

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