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Video cameras were key in identifying Bryan Kohberger as Idaho murders suspect. They’re an increasingly vital law enforcement tool

These days, the public eye never blinks. Surveillance cameras see you banking. They see you shopping. They even see you raking your leaves, thanks to your neighbor’s video doorbell.

If you commit a crime, they may well see that, too.

Cameras — installed in homes or businesses or on car dashboards ― have become one of the most essential tools in the criminal investigator’s kit. They don’t always capture crimes as they happen, but video footage can be stitched together into a time-stamped map of a suspect’s movements.

This was vividly demonstrated in the investigation of the University of Idaho slayings. One of the foundations of the case against Bryan Kohberger, the Poconos native and DeSales University graduate charged with four counts of first-degree murder, is a lengthy video trail of his car on the night of the crime.

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