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Receive instant smoke alarms on your phone with the X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector

Smoke detectors are an essential part of all households. If there’s even a remote possibility of a fire, you need to be informed as soon as possible. Even small delays in smoke detection can lead to fire outbreaks, putting you, your home, and your family in danger. While smoke detectors are essential, most people are fed up with traditional smoke detectors for numerous reasons, such as their propensity to blare out for inconsequential reasons.

Traditional smoke detectors have two major problems – constant false alarms because of kitchen fumes and smoking and an inability to warn you when you’re not home. The X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector uses advanced photoelectric sensors to provide the most reliable alarms when there’s a real danger of fire, and it sends push notifications to your phone, so you can be informed of the incident even when you’re not home.

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Below, we highlight all the reasons you need to replace traditional smoke detectors with the smart X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector.

Rapid, instant, and accurate smoke detection

The X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector has advanced photoelectric sensors that increase the alarm’s sensitivity, ensuring immediate detection of harmful smoke. Furthermore, the alarm performs three separate smoke concentration analyses in intervals of 10 seconds to eliminate false alarms because of dust, wind, and non-hazardous smoke. This ensures the smoke detector will only send alerts when there’s a real danger of fire, so you won’t be interrupted by a loud siren sound every time you get creative in the kitchen.

Instant push notifications on your phone

The X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector is the perfect smoke detector for those who spend long periods of time away from home. You can install the X-Sense smartphone app to receive instant push notifications on your phone. The device sends intelligent notifications when the smoke alarm is triggered, and you are informed about the device’s battery life, end-of-life reminders, and possible malfunctions. If there is any problem, you are immediately informed, wherever you might be located at the time.

Easily silence the alarm with a single tap

False alarms with traditional smoke detectors can be extremely annoying because the loud siren blares on and on, waking up the entire household or neighborhood. The X-Sense smoke detector is specifically designed to avoid false alarms. But if there’s a false alarm, you can easily silence the alarm with a single tap on the smartphone app. You don’t need to push the silent button on the device using a broomstick or run around trying to find a ladder.

Loud enough for everyone to hear

As annoying as they might be, smoke detectors must have loud siren sounds. If there’s an actual fire or the possibility of fire, everyone in the household must be warned, even if they’re in deep sleep or wearing noise-canceling headphones. The X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector has an extremely loud 85 dB buzzer that can be heard by everyone in the household. If there’s an actual fire hazard or incident, you can rest assured that everyone will be informed – no way you’ll sleep through the alarm.

Self-check the battery status and Wi-Fi connection

The X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector has an inbuilt self-check feature, which means the device constantly checks its own quality, battery levels, and Wi-Fi connection. You can stay updated on the device’s overall health via your smartphone app. If there’s any problem with the device, you will instantly receive a notification on your phone, allowing you to take action. Thanks to this feature, you can forget about the smoke detector after installation.

The X-Sense Wi-Fi Smoke Detector is just as loud and powerful as any other smoke detector, but it’s equipped with unique, Wi-Fi-driven features that make it a lot more useful. Thanks to Wi-Fi compatibility, you can control this smoke detector and receive important notifications even if you’re halfway around the world. The next time you’re on vacation, you don’t need to worry about a fire breaking out in your home.

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