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XDS Launches Web-Based Facial Recognition Customer Onboarding Solution

The largest locally owned credit information bureau in South Africa, has launched a new automated facial biometric solution.

Xpert Decision Systems (XDS), the largest locally owned credit information bureau in South Africa, has launched a new automated facial biometric solution. Xpert Decision Systems Pty Ltd (“XDS”) is registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCR), Credit Bureau Association (CBA) and the South African Credit Risk Reporting Association (SACRRA). This web-based solution will enable its clients to remotely, and securely, verify the identity of an individual in real-time, which is likely to reduce associated risks of third-party fraud.

Commenting on this launch, Vic Esterhuizen, Executive: Biometrics for XDS, says: “The novel global Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic is presenting unprecedented changes even in these modern times. Not least of all is the massive online migration, spurred by the lockdowns simultaneously being instituted in regions across the globe. As a result, we recognise that this is likely to lead to the biggest digital disruption markets have seen since the proliferation of Internet connectivity.”

As Governments, businesses, retailers and consumers, alike, are all coming to terms with the immediate change in context to the ‘new normal’, this understandably is driving significant growth in accessing products, services and entertainment through online and digital channels. “In response to this, we have expanded our online Automated Biometric Solutions offering to ensure we support the continuity of our clients’ businesses and sales cycles, as proficiently as possible, now and for a post-COVID-19 world,” adds Esterhuizen.

The new Digital Onboarding Verification Solution (DOVS) is an extension of the XDS web-browser based Biometric Facial Modules offering that currently includes Face View and Face Match for in-store identity verification applications. DOVS is interoperable with existing systems and can quickly scale to address the next level of remotely verifying the identity of an individual – regardless of the state of people mobility in the country.

Esterhuizen explains: “DOVS was created to allow the user experience to be as simple and pleasant as possible. The solution allows a business to safely and securely verify the identity of a customer online, in real-time; by accessing the customers where they are through using the customer’s mobile device, such as a smartphone, and our online facial recognition platform. This means there’s no delay for customers – and no lengthy wait for the business before being able to approve an account and/or a sale to a customer.”

Additionally, XDS has built-in risk mitigation where its online platform also provides safe access to the systems of the Relevant Authorities through a secure link. It has also integrated advanced facial recognition software that uses 3D face mapping and real-time liveness testing for a spoof-proof identity verification. “The DOVS solution promises higher anti-spoof rates in identity verification, which will significantly reduce the potential of associated risk and third-party fraud,” says Esterhuizen.

Despite the changing context today, eliminating financial crime and fraud remains of paramount importance to any business. However, added to this are complexities faced by companies in this digital age. With increasing online presence and financial activity through a wide variety of payment channels – which we know has inadvertently also increased the number of avenues for criminal activity, and potential threats to businesses and consumers. “However, being able to verify the authenticity of a customer’s identity minimises the risk of doing business with customers – as you can quickly verify that they are who they claim to be – and thereby reduce the risk of fraudulent activities within the business,” says Esterhuizen.

Research indicates that the global biometric system market is expected to top $30 billion by 2022, up from less than $20 billion in 2017 – and facial recognition technology represents one of the most significant anticipated jumps within this, from $1.4 billion to $3.1 billion. Esterhuizen indicates that the importance of facial recognition technology has never been needed more, especially if businesses want a quick, automated, and contactless verification option – a need being thrust into the spotlight far more, as a result of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. “With DOVS, as with all our biometrics solutions, we are offering more than a mere business tool. We have built solutions that are secure, compliant, cost-effective, widely accessible, and enhance the user experience while adding real value in fraud prevention and risk management,” concludes Esterhuizen.

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